SSC Tech 43 and SSCW Tech 14 online application

You want to become an army officer in India and looking for SSC Tech 43 online application and complete the application process. Learn how to fill out application SSC Tech 43 online Indian army with video.

SSC Tech 43 and 14 cepit technical graduates applications engineering online and seniors of use.

The Indian Army has invited applications for engineering students last year and applicants who have completed their genius. SSC and SSC Tech 43 Tech 14 women course will begin in October 2014 OTA Chennai. All candidates obtaining admission to these courses will be technical officers in the Indian Army after the successful completion of training.

Eligibility criteria for SSC Tech 43 Tech 14 courses and cepit:

The candidate must be a citizen of India.
The applicant should have completed an engineering study or should be in the final year of engineering.
the applicant’s age should be between 21 to 27 years.
The applicant must be in good health.
male candidates are eligible SSC Tech 43 courses and candidates may request cepit Tech 14 courses.
How to apply for SSC and cepit Tech 43 Tech 14 courses?
Here is the video showing the entire procedure of application of CSS and cepit Tech 43 Tech 14 courses online on the official website of the Indian Army.
Follow the steps below to fill out the online application and cepit SSC Tech 43 Tech 14 courses. Complete online application SSC Tech
Go to the website and find links to SSC and cepit Tech 43 Tech 14 online application link commanding officers and apply online.
Click the link for the desired course online application.
Click the link “Register” and must create an ID with the Indian army.
Once you have created your ID, you need to log on and complete the online application and cepit SSC Tech 43 Tech 14 courses as appropriate for you.
After filling out the online form, the final application must be submitted.
After submitting the online application, the entire application will be displayed.
It will take an impression and ensure the safety you need to carry with them while attending the SSB interview.

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