SSC 48 Tech Men SSB Dates Check here

SSC 48 Tech Men SSB Dates Check here

Indian official Web Site of the Army, SSC release dates Tech SSB 48 men soon. SSC 48 technology courses in Chennai OTA men begin next year. More than 30,000 people have applied SSC 48 technology will be shortlisted by the Indian army according to their percentage in engineering. SSC maintenance SSB 48 technology takes place in SSB Allahabad, Bangalore and Bhopal. Applicants who applied to SSC 48 technology center can check their assigned from the links below [be updated soon].

SSC 48 Tech Cut Off Marks

NOTE: – the dates of SSB will subsequently be posted on our site call letter will be issued by the concerned e-mail / SMS Center.

Important notes:

Cut the percentage of current SSC (Tech) -48 is added 60% to 75% and above from 1st to 6th-semester exams.
Any false information detected in the online application completed by the candidate will cancel the request at any time of the selection.
date of the SSB interview all shortlisted candidates will remain on the site as soon as possible filing.
SSC 48 men SSB interview dates Tech

SSC 48 List price Centre
SSB 48 SSB Date Allahabad
SSB 48 SSB Date Bhopal
SSB 48 SSB Date Bangalore
Keep visiting this page for updated details, we will update the SSB interview dates soon. For more official details on the same visit:

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SSC selection procedure Tech 48

The final list of applications. Ministry HQ Integrated Defence (Army) reserves the right to favorite applications and set the rate cut marks for each engineering stream / Unassigned discipline any reason.
Only eligible candidates by the percentage cut will be interviewed in sorting centers, Allahabad (UP), Bhopal (MP) and Bangalore (Karnataka) by psychologist collective tests of management and interviewing officer. Up to call SSB interview letter will be issued by the respective candidate selection centers through registered email ID and SMS. Candidates will not be interviewed locally. The award selection center is at the discretion of the Elo Branch, IHQ MoD (Army) and no variation application is entertained in this regard.

Interviews will take place in October / November 2016 for both inputs together.
Candidates will be put through the selection process in two steps. Those who clear the scene I will go to Phase II. Those who fail in Phase I will be returned the same day. The duration of the SSB interview is five days, except the day of arrival and the details thereof are available on the official website of Elo Dte This will be followed by a medical examination of candidates who are recommended after Phase II.

SSC Tech 48 Merit List

The provisions of the preparation of the merit list and the input assignment.
It should be noted that the mere qualification in the SSB interview does not confirm the final selection.
higher education qualifications, previous shows, the background of the NCC, etc., have no role to play in the merit list.

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