SSC 42 Tech SSB Interview Date

SSC 42 Tech SSB Interview Date

center overallotment SSB and SSC date interview 42 technical courses for men is a publication of the official website of the Indian Army. Candidates who qualify and have been appointed SSC 42 technologies can check their designated date and SSB center. The SSC technology 42nd SSB interviews is conducted in Allahabad, Bhopal, and Bangalore.

SSC 42 Assignment details Tech Center

Allahabad: 15636
Bhopal: 9100
Bangalore: 6874
SSC 42 SSB Tech Date of interview
Cut marks SSC 42º Tech
Cut Off% from 1st to 6th semester 64% Above &

Rules permanent body tattoos
permanent body tattoos only on the inner forearm say inside the elbow to the wrist and the back of the palm/reverse (back) of the hand is permitted. permanent tattoos on the body of any other body part are not acceptable and will be disqualified from further selection. Tribes with brands facial tattoos or body according to their customs and traditions will be allowed on a case by case basis.

Eligibility SSC Tech 42
Candidates flow notified by the notification to STL-42 eligible / accepted. Applicants claiming equivalence of flows with the reported flows SSB allowed to attend the presentation of a certificate of equivalence AICTE. Candidates with a graduation degree from a foreign university are also eligible if they have to present a certificate of equivalence of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), indicating that its rating is equated with the corresponding License field an Indian university.
SSC 42 SSB Tech Date of interview

SSC 42 + Tech Center New Assignment List
SSB dates Allahabad
SSB dates Bhopal
Dates SSB Bangalore
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