SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview Dates : How to Apply

SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview Dates: How to Apply

You want to break the SSB interview and research five days SSB interview process? Do you want to know about the psychological tests and interviews SSB GTO? Discover fresh training academies and better. Your search for the best books of interviews gnawing SSB ends here.

What is SSB interview process
SSB interviews are conducted by various commissions selection services of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force selection tips. These plates SSB selects candidates for officers of the Armed Forces of India through SSB interview. Therefore, if you want to become an officer of the Indian Army, Air Force or Navy, you must crack SSB interview. SSB interview was held for five days to test all the officers and the qualifications of candidates.

How SSB appear in interviews
There are two ways to submit to SSB interviews. The first method is to apply and qualification in the following entrance tests.

National Defence Academy & amp; Naval Academy (; NA & amp Review NDA) review
Combined Defence Monitoring Services (SCES)
Admission Air Force Common Test (AFCAT)
The second method is to apply during the various Army, Air Force, and Navy and obtain an SSB interview call letter.

For the following SSB direct call letters are being issued after the pre-selection of candidates according to academic grades.

Technician Course (TGC)
input schema Tech (TES)
General Assembly Advocate General (JAG)
Technical short of Directors during the Commission – Tech SSC
a non-technical short course of administration of the Commission – SSC does Tech
entry to university Scheme (UES)
During Meteorology IAF
technical input Marine Branch
Executive Power Marine
Driver input / Navy Watch
Navy education service entrance
So here we have seen the complete information on how to get the letter and called SSB modes to become a military officer from India.

Tests under SSB interviews
There are many tests for five days of SSB interviews. All of these tests can be classified as SSB psychological tests or tests GTO.

SSB interviews psychological tests
SSB trained psychologist official tests organized SSB psychology and evaluate candidates according to their best judgment. The various psychological tests on SSB interviews are presented.

Intelligence test or OIR
Revenue & amp box; Description of the test (PPDT)
Questionnaire of Personal Information (PIQ)
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Word association test (WAT)
Reaction test conditions (SRT)
Free Trial Description (SD)
Personal Interview (PI)
The pilot aptitude tests (TFAP)
Testing Group Officer (GTO) tests SSB interviews
the group responsible for testing or GTO is responsible for conducting all the tests that are external nature and internal GTO. Interviews following tests SSB enter GTO tests.

Discussion Group (GD)
Military Planning Exercise (MPE)
Progressive Labour Party (PGT)
Steeplechase Race Intergroup or snake
Working Group on half (HGT)
control task
individual obstacles
Full/final Working Group (FGT)
So these are various psychological tests and interviews SSB GTO.

SSB Interview Day-wise degradation tests
SSB full interview lasts five or six days, depending on the type of SSB interview. The distribution of days testing wise SSB interview.

The first tests of a day
During the first day of the interview, only SSB psychological tests are performed. following tests carried out during the first day of the five days of the SSB interview.

IQ test
perception and description of the test image (PPDT)
Questionnaire completed Personal Information Forms (AAP)
testing the second day
following tests carried out during the second day of SSB interviews.

Word association test (WAT)
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Reaction test conditions (SRT)
Description of the free trial
testing the third day of the SSB interview
the following tests are performed on the third day.

Test Discussion Group
Military Planning Exercise (MPE)
Progressive Labour Party (PGT)
Intergroup Steeplechase race or snake
Working Group on half
Control Task
Personal interview for some of the presidential candidates
The fourth day, the test
Following tests carried out during the fourth day SSB interviews.

End Working Group (FGT)
Individual obstacles
Interview other candidates
fifth-day tests
On the fifth day, one final table conference was held and the results announced by officials of the SSB board. Thus, the events and the following data will be there on the fifth day of the SSB interview.

Announcement of recommended candidates
SSB training academies
SSB training academies offer a practical exhibition of all the evidence of the interview. In general, SSB training centers are run by psychologists and former agents of banquet services GTO selection. Taking the best coaching training academy SSB certainly helps you get a career in the defense forces as official by cracking SSB. If you’re a little worried about several GTO tests, we recommend going to the academy training and get proper training. We have provided here SSB training the best institutes in India and also the most conservative city to help you choose the best of the best so you can splurge SSB interview.

Books to Crack SSB interviews
Reading books certainly helps a candidate to pass a test that books have a lot of knowledge and information. SSB interview there are also many books available on the market. Here we have tried to talk about the best books for the preparation of SSB. change from time to time recommended so that you can get better benefits when buying books. We also did our best to offer these books an SSB interview with a special discount If you are a fresher, we recommend you go through these books, because it will provide an overview of the five SSB day of the procedure. If you are a repeater, then SSB Books give tips to make SSB measurement.

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