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SSB Preparation Tips: The Service Selection Board (SSB), set up by the Ministry of Defense, undertakes the SSB Interview to judge prospective candidates for recruitment within the Army, Navy and Air Force. The benchmarks on that the candidates are assessed include intelligence, personality, compatibility, and potential. Hence, mental preparation holds prominence over physical preparation, though the shape is going to be an additional advantage. Here you’ll find How to Prepare for SSB Examination, SSB Preparation Tips, etc.

List of SSB Preparation Tips are as follows:

Reach a Day Before:

Prepare yourself for a five-day schedule of the SSB. You need to reach a day before the first day, once you are going to be briefed on details of the next 5 days, code of conduct to be maintained, etc.

Be Confident:

Maintain a confident and positive frame of mind and believe in your capabilities. After all, you’ve got come this far from among thousands of candidates.

First Day:

On the primary day of the schedule, basic intelligence and verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills are evaluated. You’re asked to see an image of thirty seconds duration and describe it during a story form. Later, group discussions are held in batches to pick the most appropriate story. To do well during this section, undergo the previous few years’ question papers to urge a concept. Solve papers of various ability tests. Get involved in GDs and debates whenever you get time. These can improve your verbal and non-verbal skills.

Practice Writing & Analyzing:

Practice writing regarding anything you see, as an example, the boy playing within the park or the woman on a school bus. Write little stories and monitor your timing. The story ought to include seven parameters like sex, mood, age, character, past, gift, and future of a situation that the character of your story is in analyze the story.


Things to Keep in Mind for the GD Session:

• Do not verify the officers whereas narrating your story and just after finishing it.
• Proper body language ought to be maintained.
• Do not argue within the GD; allow others to talk, together with the weaker ones.
• Wait for the proper time to place within the strong points of the story that you have written.
• Try to be actively present within the discussion so that the officers notice you.

Second Day:

The second day is considered important. Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self Description are undertaken, all of that is a part of a psychological method. These are all general psychology tests that demand your extensive attention and concentration.

Self Description:

Prepare for it beforehand. The psychologists sometimes search for your:
• Ability to self analyze
• The aim in life and determination
• Thinking and mentality regarding parents, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and others.
• Perception of how your parents, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and others analyze you.

Preparations for Next Two Days:

The Group Testing Officers (GTO) activities conducted on the third and fourth days include varied indoor and outdoor group activities like group discussion, group obstacle race, group planning, and Progressive group Tasks. The individual tasks comprise Individual Lecturette, Individual Obstacles, and Command Tasks. These tests are conducted to evaluate you as a team player in varied situations as additionally as an individual. It conjointly assesses your leadership qualities and therefore the way you express yourself. Perform all the tasks in a calm and composed manner.

Personal Interview:

The officers will take your Personal Interview (PI) on any day between second to fourth days, therefore be mentally ready for it.

Fifth Day:

The fifth day typically contains closing address by the board’s Deputy President, conference and announcement of results, followed by dispersal.

Personality Development:

For SSB, it’s not necessary that you just ought to be a very smart person however ought to be strong, mature and possess a well-developed personality.

Keep Fit:

It’s essential to stay fit in order that you’ll conduct all the physical activities with ease. a good heath also will assist you to urge a clearance within the medical tests.

 SSB Preparation Tips

10 Most Helpful Tips For SSB Interview Preparation:

1. SSB is based on Manasa, Karmana, and Vachana, it means that you ought to coincide in your thoughts actions and speech.

2. Keep up the same kind of mentality throughout the SSB and throughout your life. Don’t place up an act, or try to be a unique person. Be the same person.

3. Practice will help, it’ll help positively. Therefore keep in mind this and observe as much as you’ll for SSB. Start now.

4. If you have got a test the next day, take a good night’s sleep today. You gone there for a purpose, always remember that.

5. Smile, it’ll relax the tension.

6. Never criticize the method. It’s like criticizing yourself. You might have failed, however don’t question their judgment. The sooner you learn it, the better. It’s easy to find faults in others, but it much tough to seek out your own faults.

7. Don’t let the tiring day get on you. It’s very little tiring in SSB, because of the activities planned throughout the day. Therefore have the mental and physical stamina to cope up with it.

8. OLQ’s are vital. Read all of them rigorously and adapt yourself accordingly.

9. Whatever action you do, no matter answer you say/write, ought to reflect one or the other Officer Like Quality. It’s easy to read this point but tough to implement it.

10. Go and mix with people in your group. the reason isn’t solely that it’ll be helpful for your group testing, however conjointly that the friendships that grow here are terribly completely different and last a long time. SSB is an expertise.

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