Situation Reaction Test Online with Answers for SSB

Situation reaction test Online with answers for SSB

We recently published the reaction situation of WAT tests and on our Facebook page SSBCrack, by the way, if you have not joined our FB page, then you can do so here. Believe me, it is the most happening SSB Interview Facebook page. Let me so I’m not distracted from the real issue.
So we used to publish tests SSB sometimes candidates. As we published a series SRT WAT and on the Facebook page and got a great response from candidates. Now, a few candidates ask to publish the solution or say the perfect answer for the test of reaction conditions had been published to date.

Download here: Part 1 reaction test Location resolved eBook
status tests Reaction book-Part-1-E Resolute

Now I point situations and the best possible answers given by other candidates. Note that there may be better answers, then I suggest you post in the comment box once you have finished reading.

Reaction test meets the situation

You are lost and the bag with money. You …… ???
I’ll use the money I kept safely in my luggage for emergencies … and I will file an FIR later, or
I lose strength. It’s in my bag
In his train compartment, two armed men forced the passengers to take their property. He …… ???
These armed men simply check RPF jawans under security.
You got a marriage proposal sexually harassed a young girl who fights for justice?
I politely let you know I’m a girl and I’m already committed to her and help as much as possible in their fight against injustice.
He received an urgent request from his commander. But he believes that the order passed is wrong. You … .. ??
Order trust and obey your order.
He was standing in a queue ticket. There are 2 people with the gun who came past and asked him to give them space.You ______?
These are policemen for security. I would cooperate with them.
You went to the bathroom. .No Saw a king cobra stick around. ¿Closed Door? You ______?
Place the towel over it and quickly open the door and escape, inform others. or
Invert the tray to lock. Inform others.
They move across the road on a motorcycle when he observed that the two boys on a motorcycle snatch the gold chain of a lady and benefit from it. You would do ……. ??
I will continue them..note not. then contact police..Or
Follow them enter quickly recover and return line.
You will find that the person who calls his friend was cheating. What would you do?
Let n realized his mistake then you feel guilty in his own eyes.
You live in a university hostel. The dal served for the disorder has a lot of stones. What would you do?
Report mess maintenance service.
As he travels on a train, a car a man after his fall off the spectacles train. You would do ……?
Pull the string and inform the guard.
He has other plans in life, but her parents are forcing him to join the Indian defense services. He ….?
He holds to his plan, he makes his parents proud a day with their success.
These are the SRT situations with some good answers, it may be better answered and we want to share with us. Do not discuss your answers in the comment box below.

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