Situation Reaction Test Examples With Sample

Situation Reaction Test Examples With Sample

Testing the reaction the situation Editorial Board – 1
Candidates who now publishes the reaction of the situation for example in the series of test for your practice, you can find real situation reaction test (SRT) SRT situations psychological test conducted in step 2 of the interview SSB. All responses are only exemplary and may be different from each other. Please do not take these answers for granted.
reaction test situation with the examples of responses Example # 1
a test sample of the reaction situation with sample responses

Your friend needs urgent money for the operation that his father and a purse full of money with the owner ID is found, you want
Turn the bag with ID, contributing everything I can to a friend of my money and the help of all possible ways for the operation.
The captain fell ill and left leaderless team wants
Volunteers to lead the team, discuss important things with the ill captain motivate his teammates to play well and win games.
You want to marry a girl/boy, but his parents are not ready, you want
Talk to my parents by providing logical elements, convince and marry the girl/boy.
You can ill before their exams want.

Take medication and adequate rest, look much as I can, to complete the exam and pass good grades.
You must attend the wedding of the sister of a friend in another city, a day before when you have to leave his other friend comes and says he/she should stay home and have some work in your city. You go
Make a comfortable friend, tell him/her the situation and ask him/her to stay with my family and complete his / her work in the city.
In a moving train, you see a thief will remove the handbag of a woman jumping from the train. You go
File a complaint with the RPF, help women by giving some money if necessary.
By going to the halfway trekking to get to know the person to bring food parcels forgot to bring. You are the leader of the group

Back and go for hiking another day.
While he is in for the examination, you see an injured person lying on the road. You go
Rent a car and take the wounded and you admit to a hospital on the way to my place of examination, inform your family and arrive in time for the exam.
You are a great success all have a lot of jealous people who believe they are planning against him. You go
Keep doing my work with more caution and vigilance.
When you see someone in your school/college/work environment that is much more efficient and is a favorite of all, you
Appreciate him/her and take good points and learn as much from him/her and do the hard work to improve my performance more.

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