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Projection reaches the stage-1 test SSB interview, testing is intelligence and PPDT. IQ test consists of verbal and nonverbal tests, on the other hand, PPDT is known as the perception of the image and the focus test that includes the writing of history and the discussion group.

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Here, we talk about different types of questions in the verbal skill intelligence test. Some types of intelligence tests, usually used by the selection committee, here are illustrated below:
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Type question of verbal ability:

The end of the series: In this type, since a series in which a word, letter, number or number is not somewhere in the middle or at the end and not the candidate is required to insert it.
Example 1: Find the missing, 3,7,11,15, __, __ Answer: (write in the comments box)
relationship Analogy Test: This is a mathematical exercise type. There is a kind of relationship between two objects or ideas and bye establish the same relationship between the third and fourth, missing object or idea must be provided.

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Example 1: Q1 Bird flying as man is _______ Answer: (write in the comments box)
Example 2: Q2 Watch is the doll as ring ______ Answer: (write in the comments box)
Evidence of the relationship: There is a certain relationship between pairs of words.
Example 1: Write the number of the two words that have the relationship as a tailor and clothing. (1) Cobbler (2) Doctor (3) Medicine (4) Shoes Ans: (writing in the comments box)
Confusing spelling test: In this type of test, the confusing spelling of common words is given. It requires the candidate to think about the right job. Sometimes a clue about the nature of the word is also provided.
Example 1: What option mentioned the last letter of the word reorganized following the spelling confusion: Q: COYEKH is an outdoor play. Options: Q, X, Y, H.
Encoding and decoding test: In these tests, the number, the letters of the alphabet will appear, but for other letters, which is worth an artificial code. These artificial or code values are given according to the principle of the game. By applying this principle candidate can decode a word or a code number.
Example 1: If HKTG means fire, what do you mean YCVGT?
Example 2: If 0 = 3, 4 = 4, 5 = 10, 6 = 18 and 7 =?
Are necessary in this case, a question or incomplete statement is followed by many other options that the answers and candidates to select the most appropriate option that completes the statement or answers the question: Multiple Choice or better ratio test.
Example 1: Delhi is famous because (a) is a very orderly city (b) is the capital of India (c) The President and the PM live.
the test class itself: In this type of test is given to a group of words. Some of these words belong to a particular class, but one or more words are not part of this class.
Example 1: Enter the number of items that are different from other objects in the following series: (a) Master, (b) teachers, (c) Students, (d) Master Chief, (e) the Director.
test synonym: In this type, pairs of words are given with the same meaning. However, a certain pair so that the meanings of the two words of the pair are not identical. Candidates are required to collect and write the number of this pair.
Example 1: Write the pair number, the words that have the same kind of meaning than others. (A) the agony and pain, (b) risks and risks, (c) the freedom and servitude, (4) the integrity and honesty.
antónimo test: In this type certain pairs of words have the opposite direction, but a couple of different natures. Candidates are required to choose the same.
Example 1: Write the number as the pair, the words that have a different relationship between the other pairs. (A) The obstruction mandatory, voluntary and (b) an excess of aid, (c) above, (4) food, hunger.
Sense test Direction: In this type of test, it requires candidates to make use of a strong sense of leadership and to remember the distance in each direction.
Example 1: If you start from point A and walk 4 miles to the east, then turn left and walk 3 miles north, turn left and walk about 2 miles, which mentions the election of leadership are you? (A) Northern, (b) That, (c) South, (d) of the West.
common-sense test: In these tests, candidates are required to use only common sense. alternative options for the right answer or likely may or may not be included in this type of test. Applicants must use their own experience.
Example 1: 3 years ago, Lakshmi was 5 years older than Sita. What is the age difference between them today?
Sequence Test: In this, we must focus on the correct sequence of days of the week, months of the year, the sequence of words in the dictionary or a sequence of letters of the alphabet, etc., etc.
Example 1: If the fifth day of the month falls two days after Monday, what day of the week before the 19th of the month.
Blood tests: Relationship one is required to have a reasonable knowledge of blood relations.
Example 1: X and Y are children Z. Z is the father of X but Y is not the son of Z. What is Y to Z?
jumbled sentence analysis: In this type, the words that form a sentence are mixed and candidates are required to reorganize these to form a sensible sentence.
Example 1: Arrange the scrambled words into meaningful sentences. (A) All animals are animals, but not all cats are cats.
Test confusing instructions: such issues are easy to resolve, but the direction issued is not clear. students are required to study the issues carefully and understand how the response is expressed.
Example 1: If when added to 1/2 1/4 3/4 ago. Write “bad” less than 3/4 when divided by 1/4 1/3 in which makes writing “right” case
Correct the assignment of mathematical signs: Sometimes arithmetic questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are written, but arithmetic sign omitted. Candidates to insert them.
Example 1: 24_5_4 = 9.
Words construction tests: This type of testing is to test the ability of students in construction words. For example, form new words prefixing or appending new letters or take off or add new lyrics for the body of words.
Example 1: Consider a single letter when preempts the following words are new words: READ, RISK, OWL RING, RIGHT.
Provide the missing data:
Example 1: Rupees – Paisa
6-2 ** *
– X7
6 * 57-4 *

After leaving these questions, you may think that this test verbal ability in the SSB interview is very easy, yes, it is very easy indeed, all you have to do is time management. You can get 55- 15 minutes to complete 60 questions.
You can post answers to questions from the verbal example above in the comment box below.

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