Romance For Him: Speaking The Language Of Love With Your Man

Men have historically been supposed to be the romantic ones. Chocolates, flowers, romantic evenings with wine and dessert, and movies… Cinema and television have given us a very clear—and frequently inaccurate—image of what romance looks like. When the expectations of romance are not fulfilled, someone is said to be incapable of being genuinely loving or caring.

But what about these males who are supposed to be romantic and are expected to be so? Could it be that these men wouldn’t mind a little romance in exchange? Many guys would also appreciate the experience of being loved and taken care of by the person they are in love with, even though it may not be all wine and chocolate. What is desired will depend on the type of connection and how well it is maintained. Thinking about your man’s love language is a smart place to start.

What is a language of love?

Gary Chapman is the author of The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, a book filled with techniques. Numerous editions, including one tailored especially for men, have been released since it was first published. Giving presents, hearing and voicing affirmations, having physical contact, performing deeds of service, and spending quality time are what Chapman refers to in this book as the love languages. Although most people value and appreciate affection expressed in any of these forms, everyone speaks one or two official languages. The wellbeing and satisfaction of a relationship can be significantly impacted by expressing affection to someone in the ways that are most meaningful to them.

The Five Love Languages: A Translation

So how can you be romantic with your man in any of these languages? For some inspiration on how to interact with the man you love in a way that conveys abundant affection, look at the examples provided below.

Giving gifts: It’s not always as easy as it seems to give gifts. Some people save their gifts for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Giving a present “just because” is, nonetheless, a genuine expression of love and affection for some people. A simple token that says, “This made me think of you,” can be given as the present. A larger object, possibly with the words “You are this important in my life,” could also be included. Do not overthink or complicate being romantic; it does not have to be difficult! Give your partner something that demonstrates your passion for him in your life, if he seems to react best to gifts given and received. Give him a gift that expresses your best self during your time with him.

Speaking affirmations: Although it can occasionally be challenging to understand, using this language is quite easy. Use this to your advantage if you’ve discovered that your man feels most loved when he receives praise, gratitude, or expressions of admiration. Pick up a fresh technique of saying “thank you” to be romantic. Talk about it, but back it up with deeds. Express your pride in him by verbally recognizing a job well done by him. Your companion may react differently if you combine words of appreciation with a romantic dinner.

Having physical contact with your partner: Although most people would assume that romantic physical contact is exclusively sexual, there are various ways to be romantic with your partner and yet be suitable in public. Simple methods to express how much he means to you include holding his hand, massaging his neck or shoulders, sitting next to him at dinner instead of across from him, and putting your arm around his.

Serving others: A man’s heart might sometimes be won over by executing an act of service for him or by assisting him in completing a task he is typically responsible for doing on his own. It’s not always romantic to mow the lawn, take out the garbage, make dinner, and pay the bills. However, completing some of these little chores can relieve some of the burden for a man whose major love language is “acts of service” and free up more time for you two to spend together.

Quality time: Although they relish other forms of affection, many guys find great pleasure in just being with their partners. Being engaged in beneficial, productive, or intimate physical activity is not required. Above all, they would rather be with their partner. Consider putting the phone down, shutting off the TV, and taking a stroll together. As long as you are together, it frequently doesn’t matter if you are even doing the same thing. Come home on time, instead of staying late at work to demonstrate to him that he is your first priority.

Recall that each person has a unique love language. Though we can have a preference for one over the other, make sure to show your man attention in different ways. Try combining a few of the aforementioned ideas to create something novel, distinctive, or surprising. Your chances of getting the same response from your partner increase the more time and effort you put into him. Sometimes, guys need a little romance, too!