Relationship Advice – Unplug Now or Jeopardize Your Real Life Connections

When digital devices are consuming your time and attention, what type of major relationships or meaningful connections can you cultivate? Social media, according to one client, is a “time-sucking vampire. “That, in my opinion, accurately characterized excessive use of technology. It makes sense that people frequently experience stress and a lack of time; they believe that there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of their families, careers, and themselves. How are they going to find the time to meaningfully engage with each other?

Dependence on digital technology undermines interpersonal relationships that are genuine.

Even though they are sitting in the same room, their thoughts and intentions may be miles apart if he stays up late streaming films or playing games and she uses her phone to check Facebook. Just think of all the chances we missed to interact with one another! The two hours they may have spent intimately or engaging in sexual activity were consumed by their usage of technology and time spent on digital devices. They are also having fewer discussions and scheduling less time to spend together. Recently, while having dinner with my wife at a restaurant, I saw that every member of the family at a different table was engrossed in their phones. It was genuinely timed by me. They didn’t say anything to one other for roughly fifteen minutes. This served as a somber reminder of how ingrained digital technology is in families like mine.

Extreme addiction and overdependence on technology can lead to infidelity

Addiction represents the extreme end of the scale, but there are other degrees of misuse and excess as well, such as adultery. A new form of infidelity has also increased as a result of this technological use. Private texting and chat make it a much easier to have chats in private on a tablet or smartphone. Within two feet of their spouse, one can watch pornography, engage in emotional communication with a third party, or watch live sex cameras. The frequency with which this has happened in couples who have sought my advice during a relationship crisis has shocked me. A curious user can create an online fantasy universe where they can access anything and everything by simply clicking on a link, sending them down a rabbit hole of Internet connections. The risk is that this develops into an addiction, which manifests in all of the behaviors of the addict—lying, cheating, and secrecy—and drives them to do whatever it takes to satisfy their “fix.”

Is there a way to help those who are becoming overly reliant on technology as we use it more and more for both personal and professional purposes? There is, I think. In terms of relationship advice, I suggest taking periodic breaks from social media and occasionally engaging in a “digital detox,” which has been shown to be advantageous for people and couples who feel like they are using technology and gadgets excessively.

The secret to handling technology and social media is moderation.

The secret to handling technology and social media is moderation or abstinence, much like with most addictive substances. Since some people can only abstain in brief spurts, a scheduled digital detox is advised. The subject will refrain from using electronics and social media in favor of spending quality time with their spouses and families.

Following the initial detox phase, clients report feeling lighter and less stressed and expressing amazement at what they were able to achieve without the assistance of smartphones and digital technology. Following this relationship advice allows couples to spend more time together and with their kids, as well as to interact with one another more freely. After the detox, they frequently resume using their devices with a renewed understanding of the detrimental effects that using them can have on their relationships and interactions with others in real life.

Keep your online interactions with others to a minimum

I advise people who use technology in moderation to avoid overusing it, limit their online social media connections, and focus on the pleasures and excitement of having a caring and loving companion. I suggest that people spend more time together, engage in more activities, and be in the moment with their spouses.

Last point to remember

It is essential that they develop a physical bond and an emotional bond. Keep in mind this crucial relationship advice: loving couples’ interactions cannot be replaced. There is no technology or digital gadget that can match the fulfillment and sense of love and significance that comes from spending time with your significant other.