Reasons Of Getting Rejected At Conference Round In SSB

There’s always the dilemma among the candidates as to why they get rejected during the first stage of screening. I’ve dealt that separately in the article. Those who qualify stay there for our more days to show their capability of being the officers.

They’re assessed for OLQ’s through three rounds i.e. Psychology, GTO and PI. Major rejection happens at this stage also and the people who qualify during the conference round in ssb get recommended.
Everyone looks for this stage and getting recommended but the applicants still have the dilemma of why they were rejected when they performed wellLet me tell you that assessors are well capable to select people with OLQ’s and they would not mistake. People who got conference out have been writing the following myths to me

  • spoke in good English while others did not. I was rejected while others were selected.
  • My conference went long and it took a lot of time for me to call before conference still I was rejected.
  • People speaking in Hindi and English were selected.
  • I completed everything in psych and impressed the interviewer still I was rejected … and many other

You’ll hear people saying this, but believe me there’s nothing wrong in getting rejected. People see the faults while they miss on what went wrong and the right reasons of rejection. If you’re rejected during conference the following can one of the reasons

  • Misinterpretation of personality because of misguidance because of which the right personality might not have evolved.
  • There could be a mismatch in the thinking of the three assessors and you might be rejected. All the three assessors should recommend a persona for being recommended by the board.
  • Couldn’t be good to reveal the required degree and number of officer of qualities which are basically needed for selection.

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