Rat Terrier Progression: Growth Chart, Milestones, and Training Tips

Adorable and smart little dogs, rat terriers are a wonderful addition to any household. What information, though, should you gather before bringing one of these courageous little dogs into your home? For additional information about rat terrier growth, milestones, and training advice, continue reading!

The Basics: Rat Terrier 101

These intelligent and spirited dogs were first bred in the Midwest to assist in the extermination of rats on small farms, and now they are beloved pets. Rat terriers aren’t just the best at hunting rats; they can also kill snakes, guard henhouses, hunt with versatility, and be excellent playmates for kids. What, then, makes them so excellent for contemporary homes? These energetic terriers can live from 15 to 18 years old, are comparatively easy to train, need little maintenance, become devoted family pets, and don’t often have many health issues. Finally, they are the fourth-cheapest dog this year according to our list of the top ten—what a value for your money!

Rat Terrier Growth Chart

Rat Terrier Type Height Weight Full Grown
Miniature Rat Terrier 10-13 Inches 6-8 lbs 8 Months
Standard Rat Terrier 13-18 Inches 10-25 lbs 10-12 Months

When Will My Rat Terrier Stop Growing?

Because of their small stature, rat terriers grow to adulthood rather quickly. By the time a regular rat terrier reaches 10 or 12 months of age, they are often fully matured. After eight months, the small rat terrier usually stops developing even faster.

How Big Will My Rat Terrier Be When Fully Grown?

These pint-sized puppies stay little whether you choose a miniature or regular rat terrier. The maximum height and weight of a full-sized miniature rat terrier are just 10–13 inches and 6–8 pounds. The standard rat terrier is slightly larger, reaching heights of 13–18 inches and weights of 10–25 pounds.

When Should My Rat Terrier Be Spayed or Neutered?

The American Animal Hospital Association’s Canine Life Stage Guidelines state that females should be spayed before they have their first heat and that many small-breed dogs can be altered as early as six months of age. When determining whether to spay or neuter your dog, there are a number of things to take into account. To find out what’s best for your dog, consult both your veterinarian and the breeder of your puppy.

When Should My Rat Terrier Start Potty Training?

Luckily, these fluffy firecrackers are very intelligent and want nothing more than to delight their owners. That implies that as soon as you get your new rat terrier puppy home, you can start potty training them. Your rat terrier is likely to become housebroken fairly soon because they are little Einsteins. With regular training, most puppies can become completely housebroken in four to eight weeks on average.

When Should My Rat Terrier Stop Eating Puppy Food?

The American Kennel Club advises switching your puppy to adult food between the ages of seven and nine months for smaller breeds. However, depending on your dog’s growth and individual needs, go to both your veterinarian and the breeder of your puppy to find out when is ideal for them. When in doubt, it’s preferable to give your cherished pet puppy food for a little bit longer than necessary. When introducing adult food to your puppy, also take your time. A sudden and drastic change in nutrition can easily disturb your dog’s digestive system.

When Will My Rat Terrier Start Losing Teeth?

By four months of age, your rat terrier puppy teeth will start to fall out. By the time they are six months old, their adult teeth should normally have entirely replaced their dazzling whites. Have a variety of soft and rubber toys on hand so they can safely chew on them throughout their teething phase.

When Should I Start Training My Rat Terrier?

As previously indicated, these energetic tiny terriers pick things rather quickly. Thus, as soon as you have your new rat terrier, you may begin training them. To prevent training your dog from feeling like a duty and to foster a stronger link between you and your pet, work with them in short, enjoyable sessions throughout the day.

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What Commands Should I Teach My Rat Terrier First?

The name game is the first exercise you should give your rat terrier. This makes it clearer to them that you demand their focus everytime you call their name. You should also begin teaching them basic instructions like wait, remain, lie down, and sit. Finally, start potty training, crate training, and acclimating them to wearing a leash.

Other Breeds Similar to Rat Terriers

Since several terrier breeds seem same, it’s simple to confuse them. The most common breeds with which rat terriers are confused include Jack Russell terriers, Manchester terriers, Teddy Roosevelt terriers, and toy fox terriers.