Questions asked for SSB related to Job, Family and Hobbies

Questions asked for SSB related to Job, Family, and Hobbies

SSB is the interview that lasts longer than any other candidate interview and is plumbed its depth in it, through various techniques. Speaking of the personal interview, the kinds of questions are different in different ways to ask a single question. Most candidates are sugary drinks and processing quality has generally not full-time or part-time. So here we cover some common questions that the candidate must be made in the personal interview on work, family and hobbies and interests.
10 work-related Issues

Who is your employer?
What is your job and are satisfied with it?
How much is earned and how it is spent?
How many times have you changed jobs and why change?
How will compare their work with the Armed Forces?
What do your colleagues think of you and how to spend time with them?
Have you ever gone to conflict or misunderstanding with a colleague or your boss? If yes, why?
Tell me 5 ways to improve the profitability of your company/organization.
What if you recommend and your employer refuses to accept his resignation?
What have you learned from your work?
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How many members of your family and what they do?
Who else loves father or mother?
How is your relationship with your brothers and with whom, who shares his secrets?
Tell me five naughty things they have done in your home.
What happens in case of disagreement on any point of the relaxed family discussion?
How do you manage your time with family, friends and other tasks?
How to help your family in the day to day work?
Tell me something about your family history.
What if their parents did not allow them to join the Armed Forces?
What do you do in your free time with your family?
10 questions related to their hobby

Tell me about your hobbies and interests.
Tell me the difference between leisure and habits and what are the bad habits you have?
What have you learned from your hobby?
How do you manage time for leisure?
How are your hobbies that help day today?
When did you start to take seriously their hobbies and what he did do?
What are the sources of knowledge about your hobbies?
How your hobbies are assigned to your lifestyle?
Is there any success they have achieved their activities related to their hobbies? If so, what are those?
They are your parents happy with their hobbies or interests, and what are their opinions about their hobbies and interests?

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