10 Problems Faced By SSB Aspirants

No matter what proportion a candidate is prepared for the SSB, he/she will always be facing some or the other quite problem when in SSB. the reason being very simple that the place, procedure and also the people are new. there’s immense pressure on the candidate to perform, and all of that when the stake is their career, and their dream.

However the board leaves no stone unturned to assist the candidates and provide them a comfortable stay and good food, yet there are some problems which a candidate may face, and therefore the board could be unaware about it.

Problems Faced By SSB Candidates:

All New Customs: When a candidate goes for SSB, he has got to face all new customs. Be it the fall in, the varied new terminologies or the new sort of living. it’s true that before getting to SSB we live our life during a different way, and in SSB it’s different. this is often very rapid transition and has got to be adapted in a very short span of your time .

Terminologies: a lot of the candidates come from a civilian background. They get amazed and confused at the new terminologies which are used in SSB. These are normal terminologies for the people within the board and for those that are from the background of armed forces, but not for those who are coming from a background different than that.

Non-Compatible Group Issue: We could also be kept with a group during which nothing we find common. We feel isolated or may have a different mindset and thus a difference of opinion with others. Since we’ve to do most of the task with this group only, it’s a problem.

The Bully Guy: In your group there could also be a person who may be a bully, who will force you and also the group to agree to his/her terms and conditions. you’ve got to bear the consequences and keep it up with this person.

The dork: There could also be a person who could also be a dork, totally socially inept and contemptible. we’ve to hold around with this person too.

No Phone Issue: When our life totally depends on our phones it’s hard for us to stay without them. Not only for the cut-off communication issue but also for our basic needs like alarm clock, time etc. the foremost important things is we refer to the internet as and once we want to look for the items we’d like to read or study. Staying without phones is an issue definitely.

Waking up: Okay so just mentioned above that phones are our necessity and waking up without the timepiece becomes a problem . Of course, there are loudspeakers in some centers yet the matter remains which is getting up early.

Getting lost within the book-outs: We are without phones then are our other group mates. once we go out, we leave in a group, we persist with one another and just in case one among the person gets lost, it’s almost impossible to locate him, so the only way remaining is meeting back within the SSB center. We feel we are within the stone age almost.

A Battle between right and wrong: With no clues and no words about the center officially, we rely on various sources to prepare for our SSB. We hear numerous versions that we get confused that what’s wrong and what’s right and which one to follow.

Getting intimidated within the conference: once we enter within the conference hall, there are many officers sitting in their uniforms. We get intimidated by their personality.

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