Preventing the Oops Moments That Might Spoil Your Big Day!

1. Be careful with themes – your guests will not be forgiving!

Organizing a wedding is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creative side. It may be thrilling and enjoyable. However, take care when selecting topics that can come across as more daring than you really want. Wedding themes can be tricky to work with; if you employ the theme too little, it will look uninspired and uninteresting.

However, if you utilize it excessively, your wedding may come off as somewhat corny and extravagant. Striking the right mix between bold and boring is crucial. The last thing you want is for your guests to remember your wedding as the one with the lost miniature horses, the bridesmaids’ outfits colored like rainbows, and the desserts shaped like dice from the casino and playing cards!

2. Use a fan to keep cool, even if it is January!

Regardless of the outside temperature, you will perspire. In mid-December, there might be a blizzard, and you’ll probably find it difficult to stay warm. Use a fan and be ready to prevent those unpleasant sweat stains! It is crucial for both the bride and the groom to look their best on your special day. Moreover, maintaining your groomsmen and bridesmaids in excellent condition will not only make them look beautiful and smell good, but it will also make everyone happy!

3. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, beware

Always have a fallback strategy! Weddings held outside provide a number of risks. The most obvious of these is the weather, as any of these conditions—rain, storms, or just hot, muggy weather—can cause serious havoc on your special day. Animals (apart from the fur babies in your bridal party), insects, and an unplanned site disaster (such as water or fallen trees) are some more risks you might encounter during an outdoor wedding.

4. Whatever you do, do not lock your knees

Whatever you do, avoid locking your knees; otherwise, your visitors might be shouting “Timber!” instead of “Congrats!”

There is a reason to avoid bending your knees when standing for your ceremony, whether or not you have heard this proverbial saying before. The physiological processes by which the body supplies oxygen to the brain mean that locking your knees can actually stop blood flow. Reduced blood flow means the brain receives less oxygen, which can cause lightheadedness or fainting. Rather than run the risk of your guests wishing you “Timber!” instead of “Congratulations!” remember this proverb and just stay away from anything that could make you more likely to faint.

5. Watch your step, especially on the dance floor

No, this does not imply that you should keep an eye out for prying feet. Instead, you ought to be focusing on your own feet! Numerous newlyweds have stumbled and fallen on the dance floor. A slippery floor and brand-new shoes don’t mix well! Using rubber non-slip grips or generally scuffing your bridal shoes is one simple technique to follow. This allows you to showcase your amazing dancing skills and helps guarantee that you will keep your balance throughout the evening!

6. Recipe for disaster – curing the day-after hangover

It’s highly probable that your wedding will involve booze. You might not need to worry about this specific slip-up moment if you don’t. If you are among the many who do, however, remember how much alcohol you can normally handle and keep your intake within reasonable bounds. Be ready with a backup plan for the morning after hangover because of the celebration and propensity to drink more than you intended. A well-portioned breakfast, lots of water, and a pain reliever on hand when you wake up are all recommended. The following morning, especially if you’re not feeling well, have a nutritious breakfast. After your wedding, relax and enjoy the next day by drinking lots of water!