PABT – Pilot Aptitude Battery Test by IAF : SSB Tips

PABT – Pilot Aptitude Battery Test by IAF: SSB Tips

Hello aspiring Defence, if it becomes a pilot of the Indian armed forces, test pilot, it must be cleaned of suitable battery (TFAP) First. This test is a once in a lifetime, either be cleaned or not. If it was PABT only then you can go for any flight Service Directorate of the Indian Armed Forces. Now I will discuss the full information on PABT shown below.

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (TFAP) is a unique test. It aims to assess the ability of a candidate to be trained as a pilot. PABT three tests such as battery test instrument (INSB), sensory test engine (SMA) and controlling the test speed (CVT) unit. battery testing instrument (INSB) is a pencil test and two test machines.

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PABT in the Air Force of India
Test instrument battery (INSB)

Battery test instruments (INSB) consists of two parts. This test checks mainly the ability of an individual to read and interpret the dials on the dashboard of an aircraft.
The official instructor will be showing large fictitious meters so that you can easily understand. Some planes meters are included in these trials.

Compass meters
Climbing or diving meters
horizon sensor
Having obtained the knowledge of these counters the applicant must provide evidence related to these counters. Only those who qualify are eligible for this trial to test the machine.

Issues PABT Indian Air Force
Battery Test INSB Curriculum

INSB written test consists of 75 questions in two parts, 15 and 60 questions. The total time allotted for INSB is 35 minutes.
INSB consists of some questions where you have to find the address of fighter aircraft, as its down, up, left or right bank. The agent will explain all this before the test correctly.
India PABT Cavalier formation testing machine
India PABT Cavalier formation testing machine
test Machine

The test machine includes a sensory test engine (SMA) and the speed control tests (CVT) unit. These tests measure the psychomotor coordination of individual skills. This test is like playing computer games. It has two parts.

SMA: is a rectangle of two (a small is great). There comes a point of the top screen, which must be installed in the small rectangle. Another massacre beep must be run by pressing the button jumper. Another method is to put out the hand lever simultaneously left the yellow and red light. When the circle is located in the small rectangle when the score will count. I show the screen of the test.
Interview Test PABT SSB
CVT: Another test is the speed control test machine in which the jockey one point must overlap the yellow dots in free fall from the top screen. You must play the blue line to come to random yellow balls for a high score.
Interview Test PABT SSB

Tips for Battery Test Instruments (INSb)

Before this test, you will receive detailed instructions from an officer. It is taught on the various meters on a plane and also shows you how to read properly. Make sure you do not sleep during the conference.
INSB is an objective type test, you will get questions about the meter of air.
These issues require more time, so make sure you learn the tips and advice given by the staff during the instructions.
Do not waste time on individual issues, make sure to try all the consultations because there is no negative marking.
Read the questions carefully, you can use your hand like a plane to simulate the position of an aircraft in question.
It would be better if you read the meters beforehand.
Tips testing machine

He faces this test only after cleaning the test equipment battery, INSB.
Listen to the instruction given by the head of the machine and the drivers.
Ask doubts ends his instructions (if applicable).
I’m not afraid, not a real aircraft. Hada, you play a home game.
Get three trials for each test is the test of the test and control the speed of the motor sensorium. Use your first opportunity to free your hands and understanding of the functionality and operation of the machine you are playing.
As soon as the controller sensitivity, which will be a cakewalk for you to get a high score on two other attempts are analyzed.
Do not be nervous if you are not able to perform well in any single attempt, because brands are considered the best of three attempts, no amount of three attempts.
When performed PABT?

Unlike before, PABT is performed by the Council of selecting Air Force recommended only for those who are eligible for flight candidates branch.
If your card does not PABT teams then given by PABT Selection Centre near Air Force.
What if I do PABT?

Whoever does PABT is not eligible to fly in the military.
You can not apply to fly again if it failed to PABT.
PABT is done only once for an individual.
Did I clean PABT before?

If you removed the previous PABT and reapply to fly the branch, so no need to go for this test.
You are required to provide details of their PABT one you had before.

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