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Oceania and Australia | History, Capital, Language, Flag, Facts

History of Oceania and Australia:

The Oceania and Australia region includes the Australian continent and many surrounding island nations. It’s in Southeast Asia. Australia is the smallest of the continents by area and she is the second smallest by population. Oceania and Australia are surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Today Australia is one of the world’s most prosperous economies (GDP per capita) and New Zealand ranks among the highest in the world for political freedom scores.

Most of the land in this area is desert, but there are also areas that are very green. Oceania has some very unique wildlife in such a small area. Examples include koalas (actually marsupials, not bears), platypuses, and kangaroos. Oceania is also home to the Great Barrier His Reef, the world’s largest coral reef and one of the most complex ecosystems on Earth.

Information about Oceania and Australia:

Population 45,665,856 (Source: 2023 worldometer)
Major Cities Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin , Sydney, Gold Coast, Auckland
Borders Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea, and parts of Maritime Southeast Asia
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) $1,675,420,000,000 (2022 worldometer)
Australian dollar (AUD)

Flag of Australia:

The Geography of Oceania and Australia:

Total Size of Oceania and Australia: 8,525,989 km2 (source: 2022 wikipedia)

Ranking of Oceania and Australia: Australia is the seventh largest (smallest) and sixth most populous continent

Major Biomes of Oceania and Australia: rain forest, desert, savanna, temperate forests

Bordering Bodies of Water: Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Philippine Sea, Tasman Sea, Coral Sea

Major Rivers and Lakes of Oceania and Australia: Lake Gairdner, Lake Carnegie, Lake Taupo, Lake Murray, Murray River, Murrumbidgee River, the Darling River

Major Geographical Features of Oceania and Australia: Great Dividing Range, MacDonnell Ranges, Australian Alps, Great Victorian Desert, Tanami Desert, Great Artesian Basin, Great Barrier Reef (in the Coral Sea), Southern Alps, South Island

Names of the Countries of Oceania and Australia:

American Samoa
Cook Islands
French Polynesia
Marshall Islands
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Northern Mariana Islands
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Wallis and Futuna

Interesting Facts about Oceania and Australia:

Most of Oceania is sparsely populated, with more sheep than people in Oceania.

Australia was used by the British as a prison colony to host unwanted criminals and outcasts.

The name Australia means “Land of the South”.

Fewer people live in Australia than in the US state of Texas.

Oceania is in the Southern Hemisphere. June, July, and August are winter, and December, January, and February are summer.