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NDA SSB Interview: SSB (Service Selection Board) is a corporation that is set-up by the Ministry of Defence, India. Service selection Board is that the body that schedule, organize and conduct the SSB Interview of the candidates applying for Indian Military Forces. SSB Screens the candidates for the military, Navy and Air Force. SSB Interview is 5 days long procedure which has 2 stages of testing as stage I & stage II. This procedure are going to be organized at the SSB Centers (designated by SSB). SSB Interview conjointly includes Intelligence. Here, we’ve got updated the whole details regarding SSB Interview which has updates for SSB examination, preparation tips & books, SSB Interview dates and SSB on-line procedure. NDA SSB Interview…..

Notification of SSB NDA:

The NDA I & NDA II Exams dates have been announced below:

EVENTS                                                      NDA 1 Dates                        NDA 2 Dates

Notification released                                  10th Jan 2018                         6th Jun 2018

Release of application form                       10th Jan 2018                          6th June 2018

Application form submitting last date       5th Feb 2018                          2nd Jul 2018

Release of Admit card                               2 weeks before exam             2 weeks before exam

Examination Date                                      22nd Apr 2018                       9th Sep 2018

Declaration of Result                                   July 2018                             Nov 2018

SSB Examination:

Candidates applying for the Army/Navy/Naval Academy and Air Force have to be compelled to secure the minimum qualifying marks one by one in written exam & Officer Potentiality test.

Candidates applying for the Air Force, they even have to qualify the computerised Pilot selection System (CPSS) & Pilot ability Battery test (PABT) individually.

PABT test is applicable for the candidates those 1st alternative is Air Force. PABT is additionally organized for all SSB qualified candidates with one in every of the alternatives as Air Force.

Pilot aptitude Battery test (PABT) may be a distinctive test. Its aim to assess a candidate’s power to be trained as a pilot. Candidates will solely take PABT once during a lifetime. PABT comprises 3 tests, i.e. Instrument Battery test (INSB), control velocity test (CVT) and Sensory Motor equipment test (SMA). NDA SSB Interview….

SSB Interview Round:

Candidates ought to qualify one in all the exams for undergoing the SSB Interview. The exams are:

National Defence Academy Examination (NDA Exam)
Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE)
Air Force Common Admission test (AFCAT)

SSB Interview are going to be regular for the qualified candidates followed by higher given exams. It’s necessary for all qualified candidates to seem within the SSB Interview round for final choice. The final choice are going to be created on the premise of the marks secured by the candidates within the examination & SSB Interview. Candidates ought to report for SSB rounds on the date intimated to the candidates within the decision letter for interview. The SSB interview consists of 2 stages i.e. stage I and stage II. The stage (I) can contains Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) and film Perception & Description test (PP & DT). The stage (II) can accommodate Interview, group Testing Officer Tasks, psychological science Tests and also the Conference. These test are going to be organized over four or five days. The whole method can carry 900 marks. NDA SSB Interview……


SSB Interview Procedure:

The SSB Interview Procedure contains of 2 stage selection process: Stage I & Stage II. Candidates, those qualify the Stage I, solely they’re permissible to look for Stage II. The whole procedure is given below:

Stage 1: This stage consists of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and movie Perception & Description test (PP & DT). Stage one could be a screening test. Candidates are going to be shortlisted on the premise of combined performance in OIR test and PP & DT.

Stage 2: This stage is conducted for four (4) days. Stage II consists of scientific discipline Tests, group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks), Interview & Conference.

SSB Selection Procedure Five Days:

Reporting Day:

On today, candidates need to report back to the selection center. Candidate’s original documents along side photocopies are going to be verified. When the documents verification, Personal info questionnaire (PIQ) Forms are going to be filled.

PIQ Forms: During this form, candidates got to fill their personal details relating to academic profile, family background, etc. This manner is incredibly necessary. It forms a base of queries, which could be place to an aspirant at the individual interview round. The responses are going to be analyzed by the psychologist of the Board.

Screening Test Day 1:

On following day, it’s the Stage one. Candidates got to offer an IQ test (Verbal & Non-Verbal) Perception test. In PP test, slide (hazy or clear) is shown for thirty seconds & candidates got to write the story. Once finishing this test, the give-and-take round takes place. This sequence is often referred to as picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT).

Intelligence Test: It includes of both; verbal and non-verbal queries. It’s a written exam which incorporates multiple selection queries. The time assigned to responsive every question is thirty seconds.

Picture Perception and Discussion test (PP & DT): This exam includes story writing and discussion. an image are going to be shown to the candidates for thirty seconds and candidates got to write a story supported the image in three minutes. NDA SSB Interview…..

Psychology Test Day 2:

It is a collection of written tests, organized by a psychologist. In these tests, candidates psychological quality are checked to be an official. These tests include:

Thematic apperception test (TAT): It’s known as image Story writing. This test is extremely just like PPDT. During this test, concerning eleven photos are shown. Every image are displayed only for thirty seconds at that time candidates got to write a story supported the picture among four minutes. Once four minutes another image are displayed and also the same procedure are followed until the last slide. The twelfth slide are blank wherever a candidate is meant to put in writing any story of their own selection.
Word Association test (WAT): It’s the second psychological test of SSB choice procedure. During this test, sixty words are shown back to back for a amount of fifty seconds. Candidates got to write the primary thought that involves their mind for those words.
Situation Reaction test (SRT): during this test, candidates can get a book with sixty things written thereon. Candidates got to write their responses supported those sixty things.
Self Description test (SD): During this test, candidates got to write their opinion concerning their folks, themselves, friends, lecturers & others. The time are assigned quarter-hour.

Group Testing Office Task Day 3 & Day 4:

These Tests are interactive indoor and outside activities as a mix of mental and physical work. These tests are as follows:

Group Discussion: During this round, a particular scenario or topic (mostly current affairs) is given to a gaggle of candidates. They’re expected to debate the varied aspects of the difficulty. Group Task Officer observes every candidate throughout the course of the conference.
Group coming up with Exercise (Military coming up with Exercise): during this round, a model of real world sensible circumstances is given to a bunch of candidates. They need to write down their own set up of action for the mentioned downside.
Progressive group Tasks (PGT): During this round, the cluster of candidates needs to cross some obstacles with the assistance of supporting materials like rope, plank, wood log etc.
Half group Tasks: This round is same as PGT however the numbers of group members will half. Candidates get a lot of probability to indicate their potential.
Individual Obstacles: During this round, candidates are needed to aim ten obstacles on an individual basis.
Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race: during this round, all cluster members can contend to the opposite teams. Candidates are needed to cross sure obstacles with the snake-like rope.
Command Task: during this task, an aspirant are a commander. He are needed to cross some obstacles with the assistance of 2-3 subordinates.
Lecturette: During this spherical, every individual needs to provides a lecture for three minutes on a subject elect by them.
Final GroupTask: It’s same as PGT. Candidates have another likelihood to indicate their potential.
On constant day, the candidate’s interview are conducted. It involves a private spoken communication with Associate in Nursing Interviewing Officers.

Conference Day 5:

On the ultimate day, candidates & all the SSB member sit along and have a talk to the candidates to raise a couple of general queries. The conference is simply to determine whether or not you suggest as an official in Indian defense forces or not. Candidates are needed to return before the whole Board of Examiners, that is consisted of President, Deputy President, all the GTOs, all the psychologists and Technical Officer.

Within an hour, the SSB result are declared when completion of the committee meeting. Elect candidates endure medical test for any three or five days. When qualifying candidate’s medical test, the ultimate merit list are declared. NDA SSB Interview……

SSB Preparation Tips:

NDA SSB Interview: SSB NDA preparation schedule should be well-planned and arranged. prepare for the test as per the program. Embody the most effective preparation books and earlier years question papers in your study materials. To clear test, solely written test isn’t the key you ought to be physically and mentally suitable clear the selection method (SSB). Here, we are providing some preparation tips to pass the SSB Interview:

You’ve got to keep up a confidence & a positive frame of mind. You’ve got to believe your capabilities. Build your weakness as your sturdy points.

Steel onself for it beforehand. The examiner typically appearance for your ability to self-analyze, the aim of your life & determination, your thinking and mentality concerning your folks, friends, family, teachers, neighbors and different. Write everything you recognize concerning yourself and your close to ones. It helps you to grasp your positive, negative & achievements.

You’ve got to boost your writing skills. You’ve got to observe writing concerning something you see.

You’ve got to stay match in order that you’ll qualify all the physical activities with ease. Healthiness helps you get a clearance within the medical tests. You’ll begin gentle jogging and stamina building exercises.

It’s not enough that you simply ought to be an awfully intelligent person however you’ve got to be robust, mature & possess a well-developed temperament. Build communication with the folks that assist you to in lecturette round in each task that needs speaking.

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