National Whippet Day 2024: Date, Origin, and Ways to Celebrate

Nearing quickly is National Whippet Day! This celebration pays tribute to this lovable and endearing species that is frequently overlooked in favor of other canines. The English greyhound and the terrier were the two breeds from which the whippet originated. They have a distinct and stylish appearance, and it’s understandable why so many people all around the world have fallen in love with them. They’re difficult to avoid! Let’s examine the history of National Whippet Day and discuss some enjoyable activities to participate in.

History of National Whippet Day: Three whippet puppies

Every year on February 19th, we celebrate National Whippet Day. This holiday was created by a woman by the name of Debbie Humphrey. She established National Whippet Day in memory of her whippet, Bruno, following his untimely death. This festival has grown enormously from its modest origins to become a global sensation! The world’s whippet enthusiasts have come together, and many of them post pictures of their pups on social media every year with the hashtag #NationalWhippetDay.

“National Whippet Day is for whippet owners, rescue shelters, breeders, charities, trainers, dog-friendly destinations, makers of whippet-themed products, and anyone who loves this elegant breed,” Debbie says on her website, Redhound for Dogs. You are welcome to participate in the celebration regardless of your relationship with this breed. Now let’s explore some enjoyable and imaginative methods for you to join in on the celebrations!

1. Get a Whippet

Have you considered bringing a dog into your home? If yes, think about welcoming a devoted and loving whippet into your house and heart. Despite being a designer breed, it is not unheard of to find them at shelters. It’s no secret that dogs have a tendency to overwhelm shelters. Adopting a dog improves its life significantly and lessens the overall burden on the rescue group you collaborate with. However, dogs at shelters do not come around very often, so be on the lookout for a chance.

2. See Television Series or Films Including Whippets

Whippets are still seen in the media, despite not being as popular as other breeds. In the world of dog shows, whippets have had incredible success, and many of these events are shown on television. Still, reality TV is nothing new to whippets. In a particular episode of the television series Too Cute, ten whippet puppies set out on a quest to learn how to relax. Whippets are also available if you prefer cartoon television. A gorgeous pink whippet named Annabelle appears in the contentious movie All Dogs Go to Heaven, which has an adult theme!

3. Treat Your Whippet well

If you’re already a proud owner of a whippet, National Whippet Day is a wonderful chance to spoil your furry friend a bit more. Consider the activities that your pet enjoys the most and attempt to include some of those into your daily routine. Maybe you could go to the dog park, take them on an extended walk, or give them a little extra attention. Don’t be afraid to break out the dog treats; they usually go over really well too!

Last Words

While they aren’t the most well-known breed, whippets have become more and more fashionable recently. They are at last receiving the acknowledgement they are due! The name of this unquestionably amazing and rare species ought to be yelled from the rooftops. If you’re not feeling any of these celebration ideas, consider using social media to spread the word about the occasion.