National English Bulldog Day April 21st: Date, Origin, and Ways to Celebrate

Every year on April 21st, National English Bulldog Day is observed. Start getting ready to celebrate on April 21st, 2024! English bulldogs are incredibly devoted and affectionate. The wrinkles, snores, and stockiness that this breed brings should not be disregarded. In the US, this breed is ranked as the fourth most popular dog breed! As someone who works in the veterinary industry, I can confirm this. Although they can live longer with the right care, English bulldogs typically live eight to ten years.

History of National English Bulldog Day

The history of the English bulldog has led to the creation of a special day to honor these wonderful animals. In 1886, dog breeders recognized English bulldogs. This dog breed is related to the 4,000 BC Asiatic Mastiff of Mesopotamia. English bulldogs were developed to help butchers manage their animals and engage in bullbaiting. Sadly, this led to this breed developing a negative reputation and an aggressive nature, much like Pit bulls. Bullbaiting was eventually outlawed in 1835.

England had anticipated the breed would become extinct in response to the ban on bullbaiting, but that did not happen. The United States sought English bulldogs for livestock herding, while Germany wanted them to crossbreed with Boxers. In an attempt to stop the violent behavior, England then made the decision to try breeding English bulldogs with other breeds that had better temperaments. This method appears to have worked.

Famous English Bulldogs

What better way to honor these animals than by paying tribute to the notable English Bulldogs of history? This breed has long been used as an iconic mascot by schools and universities. There are a lot of well-known English bulldogs, but I wanted to include a couple in this area.

Tillman: Well-known for his superior skateboarding abilities. As the quickest dog on a skateboard, he currently holds the Guinness World Record. The Greatest American Dog Show featured him as well. Is there anything cuter than an English bulldog who loves to skate?

Uga: Currently, the University of Georgia Bulldogs’ mascot is Uga. Uga assumed the position in 2015.

The only English bulldog to have resided in the White House is Old Boy. Warren G. Harding, a previous president, was his owner.

How Can You Celebrate National English Bulldog Day?

This national holiday is ideal for celebrating with your best friend if you own an English bulldog. Treats or dressing up as their favorite costume for their furry friend are common ways that English bulldog owners celebrate. Share a photo of your short, stocky friend on social media with the hashtag “#NationalBulldogsAreBeautifulDay.” Bulldog owners may interact and discuss how special this breed is by using the hashtag.

The annual competition for the best attractive bulldogs is held at Drake University. During this competition, English bulldogs can showcase their lively personality by participating in pageant walks. You can also dance to numerous popular tunes specifically created for English bulldogs in your living room with your wrinkled friend. Three musicians have written songs about these hairy creatures: Sawyer Brown, Jim Stafford, and The Beatles.

In summary

In conclusion, mark your calendars to honor this distinctive breed, regardless of whether you own English Bulldogs or just adore them. Despite a difficult beginning, this breed has grown to be well-known and beloved. Like other breeds, English bulldogs are the most popular breed in artwork and television commercials. So why not honor and delight in this endearing breed?