Multiple Relationships- Is it Really That Bad?

Is it feasible to keep your relationship intact and still be happy?

It is likely that from this point on, couples tried to find solace in other relationships while still being with their original partner in an attempt to hold onto their previously idyllic and joyful union. It’s important to realize that nothing lasts forever and that most things in life go away. It’s also not a bad idea to look for happiness elsewhere if you truly want to cling to those once-happy memories. You never know, maybe this exploration can help you appreciate what is going to disappear!

However, people continue past this point. Like tequila shots, who can stop with just one? People eventually start jumping from one lover’s arms to another, which undermines all of the other arguments. When you stop to think about it, who wants to lose out on some fun in order to counterbalance life’s whims? One lifetime, limitless aspirations, unfulfilled dreams. If you are such a person, you will find great resonance in this sentiment. Attraction is unbounded, just as the beauty of mother nature is limitless.

It’s difficult not to identify at least one of these qualities in someone you’re around, regardless of your own standards for attraction—be they riches, beauty, knowledge, or compassion. And what could be wrong with a little friendly banter, a one-night fling, or a nice lunch or dinner date? It is the person’s responsibility to inform their spouse of any previous relationships in order to prevent awkward situations down the road. If you’re lucky, your spouse might embrace it and follow the current to find his or her fair share of happiness elsewhere.

It is possible to find satisfaction in multiple relationships.

If all of your partners could get together for a small get-together or even group sex, life would be a fiesta. All of this independence may eventually enable you meet the one person who is exactly what you’ve always wanted. But remember, you don’t want to become like Charlie Sheen, therefore wear protection at all times during these carefree moments! To give you a new perspective, history attests to the idea of having several relationships at once, most of them polyamorous. The idea of monogamy is relatively recent. It’s definitely not a bad thing to get into several healthy relationships as long as you don’t do serious harm to people and find some happiness during difficult times. To life, cheers!