Most Terrifying Bridge in Idaho Will Put You in a Cold Sweat

Have you ever drove over an absurdly tall bridge or passed over a swaying, shoddy construction that was not fit for human use? If so, you might be able to relate to the fear that comes with depending on a bridge to get you safely from one place to another.

There are presently 4,588 bridges in Idaho, 235 of which are in poor condition. Five percent of the bridges in Idaho require upkeep and repairs due to structural deficiencies. Idaho has safe bridges, but it’s hardly the worst state in the US, either. However, there are other types of bridges that are unsettling to drive over.

Some can be well-known for their remarkable height, daring stunts, or ghost stories. See the most terrible bridge in Idaho as well as the reasons for its notoriety, coupled with a list of other terrifying bridges in the state.

What is the Most Terrifying Bridge in Idaho?

Many people claim that the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls is the most dangerous bridge in Idaho. The Snake River Canyon and the river below are crossed by US Highway 93 via this four-lane truss arch bridge. Perrine Bridge, which rises 486 feet above the river and is 1,500 feet long overall, is the eighth-highest bridge in the country. Many people are afraid to cross it because of its remarkable height amid rocky canyons and rushing water. It might be extremely terrifying for people who are frightened of heights, but it can be challenging for anyone to cross, too, especially if you have a glance down at the valley below. Just don’t do that whilst operating a vehicle!

Additionally, there is a risk of accidental and suicidal fatalities from tall bridges. But there is a problem at Perrine Bridge with one particular dangerous activity.

Why is the Perrine Bridge So Famous?

Idaho’s Perrine Bridge is a popular tourist destination. The Visitor Centre at its southwest end provides information about the area, a gift store, and stunning views of the canyon. There is a path system that veers beneath the bridge along the lip of the canyon, providing great views of the architecture and enormous height of the structure.

In 1974, Evel Knievel attempted to leap across the Snake River Canyon while riding a Skycycle X-2. Even though the parachute malfunctioned and the jump failed, it was still an amazing feat. The ramp that Knievel used to accomplish his leap is visible to visitors at the Knievel memorial, which is close to the bridge.

The fact that Perrine Bridge is a well-known BASE jumping location that draws daring people from all over the world is among its best-known features. This man-made structure permits BASE jumping, a popular pastime since the 1990s, year-round without a permit. But there’s a dark side to using a parachute to leap off Perrine Bridge alone. At least ten fatalities have been linked to BASE jumping from this bridge.

Where is Perrine Bridge Located? Regarding Twin Falls, Idaho

The Perrine Bridge lies at Twin Falls, in the picturesque southern region of Idaho. It connects Twin Falls County with I-84 in Jerome County by traversing the Snake River Canyon. Ira B. Perrine, the man who founded Twin Fall and resided at the base of the Snake River Canyon, is honoured by the name of the bridge. The most breathtaking sights at Twin Falls are the canyon, river, and neighbouring waterfalls. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, this small community offers a charming escape. Activities include hiking around the bridge, BASE jumping, and seeing Shoshone Falls, which is 46 feet higher than Niagara Falls.

With miles of open area for every kind of leisure, lush rivers, craggy canyons, and a semiarid climate, Twin Falls boasts a breathtaking scenery. This little village is well-liked for peaceful family living and has a vibrant atmosphere.

There is a wide variety of species near Twin Falls, the area around the bridge, and the canyons. Look for red-tailed hawks, northern goshawks, kestrels soaring in the sky, and lizards, marmots, gopher snakes, pronghorns, mule deer, and fox squirrels on the ground.

Other Terrifying Bridges in Idaho

An ancient, rickety swinging bridge in south central Idaho that was designed to carry sheep is another one of the state’s most dangerous bridges. This hanging bridge spans the roaring Big Wood River and is made of wood, creaking cables, and braided ropes. It is not in use at the moment. Although the bridge is intended for sheep to traverse, people can experience a spooky walk across its wooden planks, which hang about 8 feet above the river’s swift-moving stream. But it’s advisable to move cautiously forward!

If you’re not scared enough by the Sheep Crossing Bridge, visit the eerie River Road Bridge in Caldwell. There are rumours that the bridge is haunted by multiple ghosts, and some people have even reported seeing ghostly silhouettes, shadows, and screaming when driving or crossing.