Most Scenic Airport in Texas (Plus One Smaller Island Getaway Airport)

Large cities and a large state characterize Texas. Within the top twenty most populous US metropolises are five of its cities. Numerous sizable airports are present due to the vast region and populace. But in all this vast, busy land, where people are racing to get to their flights on time, are there any beautiful, delightful airports? Is there one nearby that might be good for a quick day trip during a longer stay? Yes, there is. With one additional mini-airstrip that was simply too good to ignore, this is the most picturesque airport in all of Texas.

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

One of the several mid-sized Texas cities that we frequently hear about yet find difficult to identify is Amarillo, Texas (pronounced “am-uh-RILL-oh”). Gadsden, Galveston, El Paso, Denton, Corpus Christi, and Abilene are all included in this category. However, Amarillo’s Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is oddly positioned as Texas’ most picturesque airport, having a number of stunning sights close by.

The Airport and Surroundings City of Amarillo

Texas’s primary metropolis is Amarillo, Texas, and the Lone Star State boasts a varied landscape with both Eastern and Western flora and wildlife. This culinary characteristic is located in the north, tucked between New Mexico and Oklahoma. Amarillo features an intriguing patchwork of flat, agricultural fields interspersed with canyons, situated between the Great Plains on the north and east and the high-elevation, drier, scrubby canyons to the west.

Natural Checkerboard of Plains and Canyons

As the aircraft approaches the landing, an inquisitive passenger may notice, through the glass, the adjacent canyons dotted with sand dunes and blooming desert plants. Then, a few minutes later, they might be shocked to land in a level stretch of prairie. However, it is all a part of the charm of the area that is home to Texas’ most picturesque airport.

Wheels Down in the High Weather Panhandle

Despite how serene the nearby area may appear, only the most experienced pilots should attempt a landing at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. There are strong crosswinds due to the ferocious weather in this area between the Southwest and the Great Plains.

The airport provides the pilots with extra space because of the nasty cross winds; the 13,502-foot runway is among the top 20 longest commercial landing strips in the United States. Boeing, a massive aerospace company, has been putting its 777 superjets through their paces in this Texas Panhandle endurance test.

Palo Duro State Park

It’s a quick drive from the airport to hike through Palo Duro State Park’s unusual canyons and interesting rock formations, even with the wind. The Light House is one structure that really sticks out. The direct addresses of the state park and the airport are about 35 minutes away, according to internet maps.

There are ways to see it ahead if you’re not sure if visiting a state park is worthwhile. This covers nearly 9,000 potential locations! The park’s website indicates that entrance costs a reasonable $8. The park’s outdoor theater hosts ballet performances in addition to heart-stopping hootenanny cowboy shows.

Cadillac Ranch, A Must-See Near the Most Scenic Airport in Texas

Some people have a fondness for historical roadside landmarks. Some people like things that can be categorized as “hey, why not?” There is the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo for people who enjoy both. This attraction, which is difficult to understand precisely but is worth a stop, is situated along the historic section of Route 66. It takes less than 30 minutes to go to Texas’ most picturesque airport in moderate traffic.

Cadillac Ranch was an odd partnership between West Coast artists and a Texas tycoon. A number of historic Cadillac vehicles buried partly under the earth are the main draw.

With Howard Hughes involved, the prairie lands assisted Amarillo in becoming a pioneering aviation hub.

Among the oldest in the state, this is the most picturesque airport in Texas. Farmland was leased out for early thrill-seekers in their propeller-driven aircraft as early as the 1920s. Amarillo had a flourishing airport by the middle of the 20th century, and there was a sizable military base close by.

This midway point in the geographic US is still infrequently used by military planes for refueling stops. Recently, an aircraft valued at $500 million made a fuel stop in Amarillo. It was, in fact, six F-35C fighter jets, each costing between $80 and $100 million.

The Most Scenic Airport in Texas Has Clear Skies Whether It’s Hot, Cold, or Windy

It’s interesting to note that this windy, mid-sized panhandle city’s continued appeal was mostly due to its clear weather. According to the airport itself, there have regularly been more than 330 good flying days year in the past.

Bonus: Mustang Beach Airport

Though it’s not far, visitors may need to take a ferry to get to the mainland. Visitors to Mustang Beach Airport can virtually view pleasure boats parked in the Atlantic from the landing strip. It is located on Mustang Island, which is also home to Padre Island. The Padre Island National Seashore, where guests can sleep on the sand dunes and possibly even see sea turtles, is roughly a half-day’s drive from the airport (part of the route is along the actual beach).

Furthermore, Mustang Island isn’t just about sports cars—guests can really ride horses on the sand.

Canyons and Cadillacs at Amarillo International

Although it may be a rough landing, Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is the most picturesque in Texas because of the unique terrain and undiscovered gem of Palo Duro Canyon State Park.