Most Scenic Airport in South Carolina Will Take Your Breath Away

A little bit of everything is available in South Carolina. The Palmetto State has something to offer everyone, from breathtaking beaches to towering mountains, charming rural villages to bustling metropolises. Selecting a destination for a trip to see everything the state has to offer can be challenging! Why not begin with the most picturesque airport in South Carolina?

Many of the 40 airports in the state serve as entry points to everything that South Carolina has to offer. But more than most, the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) meets that definition. This airport provides a convenient entry to both the state’s Mountains Region and its largest combined metro area. In addition, GSP handles the second-highest volume of travellers among airports in South Carolina.

Why GSP is So Scenic

GSP’s airlines, nestled in the state’s northwest, provide travellers breathtaking views of the forested areas below and the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains to the west. There are views of verdant surroundings in the vicinity of the airport. Acres of fully grown pines extend out in front and behind the airport, with a park-like lawn and water feature greeting guests at the entrance.

In a unique way, Greenville-Spartanburg incorporates the surrounding natural beauty within as well. After going through security, passengers can unwind outside in a little garden. There are fountains, statues, lots of lounging areas, well-kept landscaping, and distant vistas of mountains in this outdoor area. At some airports, being cooped up inside is a nice difference from having the opportunity to get some fresh air. The garden is frequently cited by guests as the high point of their time at GSP.

Apart from its garden and landscaping, GSP implements additional procedures to guarantee an exceptional experience for its guests. Windows lining the walls allow in natural light and allow aviation fans to observe the planes. Throughout the airport, a number of monuments that were commissioned from regional artists provide visual interest. Together with acoustic changes to prevent the area from being overly loud, vaulted ceilings help the crowded airport feel less congested.

Award-Winning Features

Multiple accolades have been bestowed upon the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport. The most well-known organisation in the aviation sector worldwide, Airports Council International, named GSP the Best Small Airport in North America for 2022! Due to its commitment to excellence, the airport was also recognised with honours in the following categories: Most Dedicated Staff, Easiest Airport Journey, Most Enjoyable Airport, and Cleanest Airport.

In addition, GSP has a small museum detailing its history, an art gallery showcasing local artists, a number of markets, gift stores and restaurants serving anything from Subway to Wolfgang Puck’s The Kitchen.

Things to Do in the Area

The opportunities are unlimited with GSP. The airport is located almost exactly halfway between Greenville and Spartanburg, two cities known for their abundant entertainment options. In addition, visitors from Upstate can use GSP as a jumping off point for outdoor adventures, enjoying all that the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer in terms of hiking, mountain lakes, fall foliage viewing, tunnels, and more.

Many of the nearby cities grew up next to the railway, giving history fans and enthusiasts for trains a wealth of local history. There is much to enjoy for those who are interested in the history of American battles, from the Revolutionary War battlefields in Spartanburg to the antiques and monuments found in Anderson’s Historic District. The Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport offers one of the most picturesque entrances to the stunning region, regardless of the reason for your travel to South Carolina.