Military planning exercises in SSB

Guys who have visited many places but only found the planning exercise group: GPE with a solution. So, guys, I’m posting a group exercise or exercise planning military planning with a solution. This will help you understand the basics of how to know GPE and GPE / MPA in the SSB interview. It is the most important section of the GTO tasks. Each of you in your group may have a different solution for EPM / EPM and the last thing we should have a common solution, keeping all solutions in mind. The main thing is reflected in the time management GPE.

You are a group of students from the small town Kalapur in a minibus going to the city of Nimganj neighboring district to appear in an exam that starts at 11:15 after driving the minibus Ruppar people to expect the boat to cross the Koyal river. Suddenly, a villager comes to you for help and notifies an old haveli in ruins on the outskirts of the town Ruppar crumbled crushed by five men, two of whom were seriously injured. He also said that, while working in his nearby field, heard two terrorists who planted a bomb on the railway bridge over the river Koyal and timed to explode at 10:15 when passengers pass Kalapur Mimganj- above. He said he went to the village where they plan Chara carrying contraband exchange with the other party at 10:20 in the Hotel and chalk Raju plan to destroy a floating bridge over the river, upstream, by Koyal after that I was listening to what shepherd other villagers came running to ask for help to extinguish the fire in their hut in which stores haystack and fodder for their livestock. Some additional information available as follows:
The streamer service is twice a day and arrives at 09:30 from Nimganj.
The left rear minibus Kalapur at 09:20 and its speed is 40 kilometers per hour.
Because some local villages form of communication problems Ruppar is useless.
The fishery in the river Koyal a rowboat with a capacity of four people. The maximum speed is 6 mph upstream and downstream 15 kilometers per hour.
low Kalapur train leaves at 10:30 to arrive at 11:00 Nimganj

The time is now 9:00 daring young what steps will it take?

We are a group of 10 students Ruppar. We must reach Nimganj 11:15 to give consideration. We are on the steam train, and we have to deal with the following situations in the meantime:
To provide first aid and evacuation of five injured.
To inform and assist the authorities to stop the bomb attack on the railway bridge.
To catch terrorists Chara Village.

We will handle these situations as follows:

Two of us will give first aid to injured and borrow a form of Ruppar jeep. They will take the injured to Kalapur and they are admitted to the hospital. The distance is 45 km so it will take two hours and 10 hours to reach this group will Chara in the same jeep. Distance 20 km, and takes 30 minutes later fourth group meet.
Three of us go across the river in ina boat. From there, we will take a lift in the car and join us at 9:15 Nimganj since the distance is 10 km inform the police station and the station Mimganj Nimganj and Kalapur, so the Nimganj Kalapur- passengers may be delayed. This group will support the railway bridge police and deminers to neutralize the bomb. The distance is 10 km, while in a police jeep, it will reach about 9:30.
Two of us take the boat and reach the bridge of boats and keep it until the second group arrives with the police and Bob’s team. Distance 6 km, so it will take a half-hour to get there.
The three of us will accompany villagers armed with Chara on motorcycles and catch terrorists hotel Raju at 10:20. The group will take a position against catch the culprits and hand them over to the police.

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