Michigan’s Coldest December Ever Will Chill You to Your Core

The National Weather Service states that 1880 was the coldest December ever recorded in Michigan. On December 29th, the month’s final day, the temperature dropped to -11 degrees Fahrenheit. Remarkably, Michigan recorded a record high temperature for the day of 65 degrees Fahrenheit in 1889, a mere nine years later. Extremely low temperatures were caused by arctic air over the southern portion of Michigan, according to the Michigan Weather Center. They have temps recorded as low as -17 degrees Fahrenheit! The fact that it happened so long ago makes it difficult to determine which account is the most accurate. However, we do know that Michigan’s history was notably cold at the end of December in 1880.

1983 was not the coldest year, although it did have a lot of lows in December. Across the board, people usually recall it as an exceptionally chilly year. The lowest daily temperature recorded between the 23rd and the 26th was -8 degrees Fahrenheit. That December, a surge of cold weather hit many places, including Michigan, from South Dakota to Texas. The blizzard that year was dubbed “The Great Freeze” by the National Weather Service. On Christmas Day, December 25, that year, they calculated that up to 74% of the United States had snow on the ground. Thus, 1983 was Michigan’s coldest December on record, despite not breaking the prior record for the lowest temperature.

Michigan is among the coldest states in the union on a regular basis. The state’s average temperature is approximately 44.4 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. Although Michigan experiences all four seasons, the harsh winters have a tendency to significantly reduce the average. Great Lakes winds typically bring high levels of precipitation and chilly temperatures.

What is the Coldest Temperature Ever in Michigan?

-51 degrees Fahrenheit holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in Michigan. In February 1934, the Great Lake state’s thermometers dropped to an all-time low. The area often experiences its coldest months in January and February.

A common winter sport among Michiganders is cross-country skiing. If you enjoy snow, the Upper Peninsula is an especially wonderful location for outdoor exploration. This area offers some truly amazing winter sports; but, be prepared for some substantial snowdrifts. It’s also fantastic to see the Northern Lights in the UP.