Michigan Has 44 National Historic Landmarks… But These 5 Are the Coolest

In Michigan, there are National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) that depict history ranging from pre-colonial periods to World War II and beyond. Michigan is home to landmarks related to the mining, maritime, and automotive industries, as well as ones with cultural, religious, and military importance. There are 44 National Historic Landmarks in Michigan, so there’s always something to see, but these 11 are the best.

Of all the counties in Michigan, Wayne County boasts the highest number of National Historic Landmarks, with thirteen properties. Following it are Mackinac County and Emmet County, each with three landmarks. There are plenty more scattered all around Michigan, so visiting these places can lead to plenty of experiences.

How Does a Property Become a National Historic Landmark

The National Park Service is a division of the Department of the Interior that is responsible for designating properties as National Historic Landmarks. It is decided by this branch using nominations and criteria that take into account both public and private properties.

A property gains protection for its historic integrity when it is designated as a National Historic Landmark. It is qualified for subsidies, tax breaks, threat intelligence, and other advantages because of this protection. The property does not get the official title if the owner objects to a nomination; instead, it becomes eligible for designation.

Although there are other National Historic Landmarks in Michigan, these five stand out the most:

1. Calumet Historic District

The Caumet Historic District, which is in Houghton County, was accepted as an NHL in March 1989. It provides information about the developments and emphasis on Michigan’s copper sector. The Calumet Historic District is well-known in Copper Country since it was the site of 50% of the nation’s copper mining in the 1870s.

2. Fair Lane

Wayne County’s Fair Lane joined the NHL in November 1966. It was the 56-room family home of Henry and Clara Ford. The main home, the greenhouse, and the energy-producing powerhouse are all on the site.

3. Fort Michilimackinac

This NHL is located on Michigan’s lower peninsula in Mackinaw City, or Emmet County. In October 1960, it was designated as a national historic landmark.

The French constructed Fort Michilimackinac, but the British eventually took control of it. During the American Revolution, it was the only fort on the Great Lakes manned by British soldiers.

4. Meadow Brook Hall

In March of 2012, Oakland County’s Meadow Brook Hall received the NHL designation. One of the biggest historic homes in the country, it once belonged to Matilda Dodge Wilson’s estate.

Meadow Brook Hall is available for hire for occasions such as weddings. There are many of opportunities to explore the site because they also conduct historic tours and holiday activities.

5. Bay View

Bay View in Emmet County, Michigan, joined the NHL in December 1987. Prior to becoming an independent Chautauqua, Bay View was a Methodist campsite. On this property, which is a well-preserved historic landmark, you may examine the history of both community forms.

Overview of the Coolest National Historic Landmarks in Michigan

Landmark County When It Way Established as an NHL
Calumet Historic District Houghton March 1989
Fair Lane Wayne November 1966
Fort Michilimackinac Emmet October 1960
Meadow Brook Hall Oakland March 2012
Bay View Emmet December 1987