Miami, OK vs. Miami, FL: What are the Differences?

Although Oklahoma and Florida are very different from one another, they both have a city called Miami. These cities are more than 1,400 miles apart, and the wildlife and temperatures are entirely different. Although Florida was one of the original 13 colonies, Oklahoma did not gain statehood until 1907. See below for additional details about how these two cities differ from one another.

Differences Between Miami, Oklahoma vs. Miami, Florida
Miami (OK) vs. Miami (FL): Size and Population

The enormous scale of Miami, Florida, surpasses the small-town atmosphere of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma’s capital city has 12,193 inhabitants overall as of 2022, however it only makes up 11.18 square miles of the state. The city in Florida is home to 435,919 people overall, who are more densely packed into a 55.25-square-mile area.

Crime Rates in Miami (FL) and Miami (OK)

Most people assume that because Oklahoma City has a smaller population, there would be less crime, but that is untrue. In Oklahoma, there are roughly 50 crimes committed for every 1,000 residents, or roughly 600 crimes per year.

The Florida city has a lower crime rate than other cities, with 35 crimes per 1,000 residents, while having a far higher population. Nevertheless, it has among of the highest national rates of crime.

Miami (FL) vs. Miami (OK): Household Income Average

Even with Oklahoma City’s average yearly income of $51,698, the city’s poverty rate remains at 24.07%. A large portion of the city’s population, about 31% of adults, are in their 30s and have only completed high school, with no further education, while at least 17% have earned a bachelor’s degree.

The average household income in Florida is $79,886—much more. The population is roughly ten years older, although the poverty rate is just little lower (20.85%). Here, college education is more prevalent, with 40% of adults possessing a bachelor’s degree or above.

Miami, Oklahoma vs. Miami, Florida: Climate

These two cities have very different climates, particularly in terms of moisture content. The weather in Oklahoma is mild to moderate. Summertime humidity causes the weather to get hot and sticky. Winter weather is typically windy and snowy, even though it doesn’t linger long. Tornado Alley’s home, Oklahoma City, is likewise less than 200 miles away.

Florida has a tropical monsoon climate, which makes for highly diverse weather. The summertime weather remains hot and humid, akin to the muggy conditions of Oklahoma City. Wintertime temperatures are typically mild and dry, with very few occasions when they drop low enough to produce snow. Temperatures typically reach 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit even in December. It is also necessary for residents to make plans for hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

Miami, Florida vs. Miami, Oklahoma: Similar Wildlife

The habitat of Oklahoma is ideal for small mammals, including rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons. In grasslands, prairie dogs are widespread and stick to their social group while digging. Additionally, armadillos dig, occasionally laying up to 15-foot-long pathways. When they’re not hunting, coyotes like to stay to themselves, though you may see a couple of them.

Visiting the city of Florida will allow you to interact with a variety of both terrestrial and aquatic creatures. While Florida panthers and grey foxes live on land, strolling along the beach brings you closer to the aquatic and semi-aquatic species found in the Atlantic Ocean, such as crocodiles, manatees, and bottlenose dolphins. Numerous sea turtle species, notably loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles, have an abundance of homes along this shore.

Native Plants in Miami (OK) compared. Miami (FL)

Miami, Oklahoma, is in the 7a plant hardiness zone and has a tree-rich environment. While sumac and various oak species thrive in the area, cypress trees are one of the most prevalent species. A shrub bearing red berries, the coralberry can grow in both wet and dry conditions and continues to bloom throughout the winter. Although this shrub grows well in Oklahoma, it is an invasive plant that causes damage in Florida.

The city of Florida provides the perfect setting for growing devil’s ivy, or golden pothos. This plant is strong and can grow up to 40 feet in length as an adult. With a 10b/11a plant hardiness zone, the tropical environment in Florida is ideal for a variety of palm tree species. Local authorities have, however, unveiled a plan that will progressively eliminate all but 25% of them in order to make room for future development.

Florida vs. Miami (OK): Attractions for Tourists

In this city in Florida, tourism plays a significant role in local business. Known as the “Gateway to Latin America,” New York City is the only city with a higher number of foreign tourists. Although there are many cultural attractions there, PortMiami is unique. In terms of both people and cruise lines, it is the busiest port in the world. Among all Florida tourist destinations, it comes in third. Visit South Beach or one of the nearby museums if you have already been to Port Miami. Miami offers a wide selection and generates over $20 billion in tourism revenue annually.

The Coleman Theatre serves as Oklahoma’s primary tourism destination. With 1,600 seats, it hosted a spectacular opening in April 1929. This theatre has been preserved so well that a local theatre club utilises it for five major shows a year. It has been included as one of Ottawa County’s historical sites on the National Register since 1983. This list also includes the Miami Downtown Historic District.

Which is older, Miami, Florida, or Miami, Oklahoma?

Historical sites, with their rich histories in both states and cities, provide insight into the past of each place. The John Patrick Naughton Barn, which was constructed in Ottawa County in 1893, is the oldest building in Oklahoma City. Nonetheless, the Modoc Mission Church and Cemetery was constructed concurrently, and by 1980, it had also been added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Barnacle, a house that was constructed in 1891 and is still standing in its original site, is the oldest structure in Florida.

Bonus: Miami Is Also A Town In Arizona

There’s a little town in Gila County, Arizona called Miami, if you’d like to visit another Miami. Founded in 1907, this town was a part of the copper boom. With a population of 1,542 as of the 2020 Census, it is far smaller than the two Miami sites mentioned above with less than one square mile of territory. Its hot, dry weather, like that of the majority of Arizona, draws visitors hoping to enjoy a traditional Western setting.

Highlights of Miami, Oklahoma vs. Miami, Florida Comparison:

Location Oklahoma Florida
Population till 2022 12,193 435,919
Size 11.18 square miles 55.25 square miles
Crime Rate, per 1,000 people 50 2
Average Household Income $51,598 $79,886
Climate Mild Tropical monsoon
Common Wildlife Prairie dogs, armadillos, mice, rats, squirrels, American alligator, raccoons, snakes, coyotes Alligators, crocodiles, turtles, manatees, Florida panther, gray fox, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles
Native Plants Cypress trees, oak trees, sumac, coralberry Seagrape, corn plant, golden pothos, pepper
Tourist Attractions Coleman Theater South Beach, PortMiami, Barnacle Historic State Park, museums
Oldest Building John Patrick Naughton Barn The Barnacle