Merchant Navy Salary – PayScale in Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy also is known as the commercial navy is always famous in people because of Merchant Navy Salary more about younger persons. The main reason that attracts younger people about this profession is money and also about traveling the whole world with different types of people. The younger after completing their school studies especially try to look after this profession as it is not so tough to compare to another profession in case of studies.

Merchant Navy Salary:

  • Salary in Merchant Navy after higher secondary?
  • Salary in Merchant Navy as an engineer?
  • Salary in Merchant Navy as deck officer? 

To make it understand about making your future in this profession, we will share some information about the pay packages as per ranking.

Salary of Ratings in Merchant Navy

For the Deck Department:



Bosun Salary is around

1400 to 1800 $

Able Seaman is around

1100 to 1400 $

Ordinary Seaman is around

800 to 1100 $

For the Engine Department:



Pumpman salary is around

1000 to 1800 $

Motorman salary is around

1200 to 1600 $

Oiler salary is around

800 to 1300 $

Fitter salary is around

1000 to 1300 $

Repairman salary is around

900 to 1200 $

NOTE: Every company has different policies for overtime done in a month.

Merchant Navy Salary as an Engineer:

In ship on board, the machines are operated by this engineer who is ranked such as,


Chief Engineer


2nd Engineer


3rd Engineer


4th Engineer

An electrical engineer is also there on some ships.

Chief Engineer salary is around

9000 to 12000 $

2nd engineer salary is around

6000 to 8000 $

3rd engineer salary is around

4000 to 4800 $

4th engineer salary is around

2500 to 3600 $

Salary is given in dollars although there are some companies who give their pay in Pounds and Euro. The reason that makes this profession a good one is good to pay and regarding the conversion of dollars in which country you belong to. The salary is also based on how many contracts you have done on these ranks.

Salary in Merchant Navy as Deck Officer:

The navigation of the ships are controlled by Deck Officer, to know more about this we have to share some article with you so you can take a decision on what to choose Deck or Engine in Merchant Navy.




Chief Officer or Chief Mate


2nd officer or 2nd mate


3rd officer or 3rd mate


Captain salary is around

9000 to 12000 $

Chief Officer salary is around

6500 to 8000 $

2nd officer salary is around

3500 to 4500 $

3rd officer salary is around

2500 to 3600 $

What Changes Salary in Merchant Navy?

The things that decide your salary more are:

The ships which are carrying LNG, LPG and Oil containers because of dangerous fact the wages are high in these ships compare to load the container, bulk and other types of vessels. Experience also plays the central role in salary for, e.g., A newly appointed captain may have less salary compare to chief officer. The salary is also decided by the company as per the nationality of the employee.

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