Merchant Navy Recruitment – Career & Ranks in Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy Recruitment gives very attractive opportunities and an adventurous future as it is known as international life. It offers the following advantages:

Merchant Navy Recruitment also is known as the commercial navy is always famous in people more about younger individuals. The main reason that attracts younger people about this profession is money and also about traveling the whole world with different types of individuals.

Most of the import and export business is mostly depend on merchant navy it carries good, oils petroleum, gasses, passengers and many more things from one country to another country from international seas. Although it is a male-oriented profession, there is no restriction for females to choose the profession. Life on board in a merchant ship is a most unforgettable experience and with excellent facilities for hygienic food and accommodation.

Merchant Navy Recruitment Shipping is one of the most secure industries in the world. In India a federation has formed which is known as (NUSI) National Union Seafarers of India, they work for the welfare of all the crew members. They keep constantly watch whether the crews onboard vessel get proper hygienic food, or whether they get their wages in time on not.

Even in problems in the failure of ship engines or problems of piracy in the seas, the NUSI takes the problem to local government as well as International Transport Federation to take care of the situation and make sure for the safety of the crew members on board. The federation also takes care of the medical expenses of the seafarer and their family and sponsor their children for education and see to the financial support for their family until the end of life. Merchant Navy Recruitment.


Merchant Navy Master:

The Master is the captain of the ship. The captain is responsible for everything on a ship such as safe navigation of the ship, about cleanliness and seaworthiness, safety of all crew members and management. The captain ensures ship certificates, documentation and about local and international laws and as well as company policies to be fulfilled. The overall captain is the boss of the ship. Master may get a salary of 9000 to 12000$ approximately per month with various facilities. Merchant Navy Recruitment.

Merchant Navy Chief Officer:

Chief is second in charge of the ship Navigation for about 4-hour duration. A chief officer or chief mate looks to the loading, unloading and securing the cargoes. During the traveling in the sea, the chief mate is responsible for the care for cargoes that includes overall responsibilities for the ship’s stability and special care of cargo which are dangerous, hazardous and harmful. Chief Officer may get a salary of 6000 to 9000$ approximately per month with various facilities.

Merchant Navy Second Officer:

A Second Officer also called the second mate is responsible to the Master for keeping the ship, its crew and its cargo safe with the duration of 8 hours He is also known as a navigation officer, he also looks after deck when tying up the ship. 2nd Officer may get a salary of 3000 to 6000$ approximate per month with the various facility.

Merchant Navy Third Officer:

The third officer is also known as the third mate keeps the ship’s log follows the Master’s order and assists in the navigation of the ship. For loading and discharging of cargo in the port, the third mate will give support. His place is on the bridge while docking with the Master. 3rd Officer may get a salary of 1500 to 3000$ approximate per month with the various facility.

Merchant Navy Bosun:

Bosun takes orders, and daily routine works from Captain and hands over to his subordinates who are capable of that work. Bosun may get a salary of 1000 to 1200$ approximately per month.

Merchant Navy A.B:

He is the man in charge of the lifeboat equipment and can be able to handle a lifeboat under oars or sail. His duty is also to maintain the bridge in a clean and shipshape condition. A.B.may gets a salary of 800 to 1000$ approximately per month.

Merchant Navy Ordinary Seaman:

Called as an Ordinary Seaman and may be called upon to do many tasks in the ship given by the superior. Their duty is to assist the able seaman and is the supporting hands of the ship. Making the watch for the awakening of men and officers for their duties and also assists in an emergency such as a lifeboat, abandon ship and fire and keeps the passageways in shape and condition.

They are also called for to scale, stand to the lookout, for paint, handle mooring of the ship and operating of all deck gear such as topping, cradling, booms housing and to help the carpenter in repair work also. The carpenter also repairs everything needed in the ship, keep the lifeboat in good order, replace broken rivets, builds temporarily or permanent partition, and in the event of a collision, he will assume command of an emergency crew to repair the damaged part. Ordinary seaman may get a salary of 600 to 800$ approximate per month.


Merchant Navy Chief Engineer:

Chief Engineer is responsible for the Main Engine and associated machinery equipment and the air conditioning cooling system on the board of the ship while sailing. Chief Engineer may get a salary of 9000 to 14000$ approximately per month with various other facilities.

Merchant Navy Second Engineer:

As Chief Engineer he is also responsible for looking after Main Engine and other associated machinery like power generation equipment and cargo pumps etc. The second Engineer may get a salary of 6500 to 8500$ approximate per month with various other facilities.

Merchant Navy Third Engineer:

They are the third most senior marine engineer on the ship. The Third Engineer is responsible for boilers, fuel auxiliary engines, condensate, and feed system. He is also in charge of fuel transfer operations. The third Engineer may get a salary of 5000 to 6000$ approximate per month with the various facility.

Merchant Navy Fourth Engineer:

He has to fulfill the order of chief engineer and assist to hi during his watch on a ship. The fourth Engineer may get a salary of 4000 to 5000$ approximate per month with the various facility.

Merchant Navy Electrical Officer:

Electrical Officer is responsible for the maintenance of an electrical system, radio communication, electronic navigation aids, and many more electronic items onboard vessels. They are the replacement of Electrician or IT Officer. Electrical Officer may get a salary of 3000 to 5000$ approximate per month.

Merchant Navy Trainer Electrical Officer:

Works under Electrical Officer and is responsible for all electronics systems on the ship. Trainer Electrical Officer may get a salary of 500 to 1000$ per month.

NOTE: The salary in the merchant navy may be different from each company or every city as per transportation needs or as per seniority status. Every company has different policies for overtime done in a month. Salary is given in dollars although there are some companies who give their pay in Pounds and Euro. The reason that makes this profession a good one is good to pay and regarding the conversion of dollars in which country you belong to.

The salary is also based on how many contracts you have done on these ranks. The ships which are carrying LNG, LPG and Oil containers because of dangerous fact the wages are high in these ships compare to load the container, bulk and other types of vessels. Experience also plays the main role in salary for, e.g., A newly appointed captain may have less salary compare to chief officer. The salary is also decided by the company as per the nationality of the employee.

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