Maui Ocean Center: Best Time to Visit and 5 Coolest Animals to See

One of the greatest aquariums in the country is the Maui Ocean Center. It makes sense that individuals would want to view everything without having to deal with large crowds given the stunning surroundings and the aquarium’s even more alluring collection of scenery and exhibits. The “shoulder seasons,” which span the whole months of January and May as well as September through the first week of December, are the ideal periods to travel. The least popular times of day are also usually in the late afternoon. Now that you are aware of the ideal time to visit, it’s time to discover which species at the Maui Ocean Center are the most amazing.

1. Pacific Corals

Although they don’t seem to do much, corals are actual living things. One of the biggest Living Reef exhibits featuring live Pacific corals in the world is located at the Maui Ocean Center. Stunning views of over 40 distinct species of coral from various ocean depths can be found in this display. Without donning any scuba gear, you can tour the exhibits on the shallow reef, mid reef, and deep reef.

There may be associated fish species for each display that represents a different depth. Not only do the fish in their natural habitats increase the experience for the animals, but it also benefits the viewers.

2. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

These enormous sea turtles can be viewed in the Turtle Lagoon of the aquarium. This type of sea turtle can grow over 300 pounds and be 4 feet long at full maturity. They are actually the biggest hard-shell sea turtles on Earth because of their size!

Sea turtles are usually herbivorous despite their size. Their name is derived from the seagrass and algae they eat as adults, which causes their fat layer to turn green due to chlorophyll. In order to maintain their population, green sea turtles and other sea turtle species must endure numerous risks and hardships. As a result, they are considered a protected species over the whole country.

3. Sharks

A shark-free aquarium is what? Although there are many sharks swimming in Maui’s waters, you can safely interact with them in the aquarium. There are some regular sharks at the Maui Ocean Center as well as a few species that may visit sometimes. Blacktip reef sharks and sandbar sharks are two species that you can nearly always count on to be there. Whitetip reef sharks, tigers, and hammerhead sharks are among the other creatures that could show up. Some sharks are released back into the water, which is why you might not always see the same sharks when visiting the aquarium again. They may become too big for this to occur. The sharks have occasionally been saved from tide pools where fishermen have abandoned them.

The Deep Reef exhibit and the Open Ocean display both feature sharks, or Manō. You can even dive with these sharks without the inconvenience of a cage if you’re an extremely daring tourist! It is required that you schedule the experience in advance and have a SCUBA certification.

4. Hawaiin Spotted Eagle Ray

Rays belong to the same class (Chondricthyes) as sharks. cartilaginous fish are referred to by this name. Both sharks and rays are incredibly graceful and exquisite creatures, yet people aren’t usually as afraid of rays as they are of sharks.

The Hawaiian broad stingray and spotted eagle ray are sights not to be missed. The huge wings of the spotted eagle ray, also known as Hihimanu or Aetobatus narinari, can spread up to 6 feet in width. bears dots down its dark-colored back, as the name would imply. Dasyatis lata, sometimes known as the lupe, is a species of broad stingray found only in Taiwan and Hawaii.

5. Day Octopus

Octopus cyanea, also known as Heʁe Mauli, is the day octopus that inhabits the Living Reef exhibit. Still, it could be difficult to locate. In an instant, these cephalopods can alter their skin’s texture and color to blend in with their environment. It usually reserves this move for threats, but it can also use it to camouflage itself when frightened. The Day octopus is not only a master of intelligence but also of disguise. Some of these octopuses are skilled escape artists, therefore they can overcome mazes!

Of course, admiration of octopuses is nothing new in Hawaiian tradition. One of the primary deities, Kanaloa, is rumored to assume the form of an octopus among its various avatars.

Bonus: Interactive Exhibition on Humpback Whales

Although it is impractical and unethical to keep a humpback whale in an aquarium, these enormous marine mammals are a mainstay of Hawaiian winters, as they visit the islands in search of mates. Maui Ocean Center offers a Humpback Whale experience to raise awareness of these magnificent creatures and educate the public. The world’s largest 3D sphere is hosting this show. While at the aquarium, this is undoubtedly an experience worth having. With surround sound, the audience can have a “eye-to-eye” experience that puts them in close proximity to the enormous monsters.