Massive Python Looks Like a Speed Bump on a Florida Highway

Where Do Burmese Pythons Normally Live?

Native to Asia, Burmese pythons can be found from southern China to eastern India. Additionally, they can be found on a number of islands, including as Java and Bali. Their preferred habitats are grassy marshes and jungles. The majority of a juvenile python’s life is spent in trees. They are good swimmers and their habitats depend heavily on water. For as long as thirty minutes, they can remain submerged!

How Are Burmese Pythons Damaging the Florida Everglades?

In the Florida Everglades, there are an estimated 300,000 Burmese pythons living in the wild, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Though more has to be done, more than 18,000 have already been apprehended since 2000. Although Burmese pythons evacuated from the Florida Everglades can reach lengths of thirty feet, most of them are only eight to ten feet long.

The populations were created from pet pythons that careless owners intentionally released or allowed to escape. Their numbers have rapidly expanded as breeding populations have been formed. Regretfully, they face competition for food from local fauna, including reptiles, birds, and mammals. According to a 2012 study, Burmese python hunting in this region has resulted in a 99.3 percent decrease in raccoon populations. Additionally, possum numbers have decreased by more than 98%. Food is often foraged by possums and raccoons near bodies of water, which is also the preferred hangout for pythons.

Are Burmese Pythons Dangerous to Humans?

Although it is rare, humans can be killed by non-venomous snakes. Typically, there are one or two cases worldwide each year. Constrictor snake fatalities reported in the United States have been linked to captive snakes. Either the owner of the snake, who was dealing with them at the time, has been killed, or they have specifically targeted the infants or small children in the house.

In Florida, wild Burmese pythons have not yet claimed a human life. Nonetheless, it is impossible to completely rule out the chance that it won’t happen again because these snakes are so big and numerous. It is urged that the people stay away from these enormous reptiles.