Long Beach, CA vs. Long Beach, WA: What are the Differences?

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation is California, and Long Beach has many of family-friendly entertainment options. There are several Long Beaches in the US, so be sure to verify the state you wish to visit when you plan your holiday. Let’s examine the differences between the cool weather in Washington and the desert metropolis of California.

Differences Between Long Beach, California vs. Long Beach, Washington Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Location

Despite being on the same side of the country, California and Washington have very diverse topographies. The majority of the country’s western border is occupied by California, with Washington situated directly to the north. Although the city of Long Beach in California shares a coast with the ocean, Long Beach in Washington is situated on a peninsula with coasts around most of its sides.

Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Size And Population

One of the simplest ways to show how different these two cities are from one another is to compare their populations. With access to boating, surfing, and whale viewing, most people consider California’s Long Beach to be among the top summer destinations. There are 466,742 Californians who live near this well-known beach, in part because of the nearby activities. With 5.5 miles of beaches, the entire city is 80 square miles in size.

Less than 2,000 people called Washington, D.C., home as of the 2020 Census. Although the city receives a good number of visitors, it only occupies 1.89 square miles in the state.

Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Climate

These two cities’ climates differ greatly from one another, much like their populations do. Long Beach, California, is mostly covered in hot, semi-arid terrain, however it does have beaches along its coast. In the summer, nearly every day is sunny and the temperature occasionally rises above ninety degrees Fahrenheit. Even if there is some fog in the evening, it dissipates before midday. This city receives almost 80% of its annual precipitation in the form of 12 inches of rain, even during the winter.

The weather in Washington is considerably wetter and colder, akin to that of the ocean. Although there aren’t many days with really high temperatures, this city receives 80 inches of rain annually. Although there is rain every month of the year, July and August are often the driest.

Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Local Terrestrial Wildlife

The terrestrial species varies as well because the climates of these Long Beach communities are so dissimilar. The creatures that do the best in California’s arid climate are squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and bats. Moreover, coyotes are frequently sighted, particularly in the city’s more rural sections. Bullfrogs and turtles emerge when the weather permits, but you must stay away from them because they will turn hostile if disturbed.

The Washington Peninsula has a very distinct wildlife. The natural areas are home to bears and elk, which prefer the cooler weather, rather than coyotes. While newts tend to stay close to freshwater environments, beavers and otters constructed their homes alongside bodies of water.

Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Local Aquatic Wildlife

The lengthy beaches that characterise each of these cities are what gave rise to their names. Despite having quite distinct topographies, they both offer views of the Pacific Ocean, allowing you to keep an eye out for marine life like whales and dolphins. California’s metropolis is mostly covered in desert with a semi-arid climate, with the exception of the beach. Many of the aquatic animals you encounter—like sea lions, leopard sharks, and eels—will only be found in the ocean as a result of that restriction.

Although there is access to the ocean in Washington, the lakes and inlets nearby are home to the aquatic life. It’s a great spot to get chum salmon, but you can also catch halibut, oysters and razor clams, which are a speciality of the area.

Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Local Plant Life

In Long Beach, California, desert flora flourish. In addition to the numerous cacti that adorn natural areas, you can also discover coyote brush, bush sunflowers, and other plants that do well with little annual precipitation.

Sitka spruce and African violets live in a very different environment on the damp soil of the Washington peninsula. The western hemlock is one of the most prevalent natural plants in Washington, particularly in Long Beach.

Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Tourist Attractions

Both cities rely heavily on tourism to increase revenue for community development, and each of these places has its own special charms. You can go to the Long Beach Razor Clam Festival in Washington, a small city, which honours one of the area’s favourite foods. This festival has been uniting the community for more than 80 years. At a nearby tourist site, one of the festival’s first record-breaking frying pans is on exhibit.

Long Beach is experiencing a growth in the tourism industry, which is already the case in California. The Grand Prix of Long Beach and the Aquarium of the Pacific are two of the most important attractions in the state, and they are located there. Additionally, it docks the retired ocean liner RMS Queen Mary, which spent more than 30 years sailing between Europe and the US.

Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Household Income

These two cities’ household incomes differ greatly from one another. In California, the median household income in coastal cities is $71,150 per year, and over half of the population has a college degree. California’s city has one of the priciest housing markets in the world, with prices per square foot placing in the top 2%. Even though 71,000 individuals live below the poverty line, the median sold price of a property is more than $800,000.

In Washington, a single household’s average income is $54,350, which is more than 20% less. Of the population, just 25% have at least an associate degree, whereas 44% have either attended college for a short period of time or are currently enrolled. The poverty rate in this city is double the national average at 23.17%. Additionally, housing is far less expensive, with an average property value of $246,200.

Long Beach (CA) vs. Long Beach (WA): Crime Rates

Both cities have modest rates of crime, although Washington’s is far lower due to its location. There were just 18 property crimes and no violent crimes in 2022, according to the crime index of 226.5.

On the other hand, Long Beach is a crowded city home to hundreds of thousands of people. In 2022, there were 13,895 property crimes and 2,695 violent crimes, despite a 312.7 crime index.

Bonus: There’s Also A City Named Long Beach In New York (And An Island In New Jersey!)

It’s possible that New York is where you originally imagined “Long Beach.” It is one of the best areas to live in the state, with 34,820 people calling it home. With 3.5 miles of beaches to explore, it is referred to as the City by the Sea. Non-residents who wish to access the Nassau County seashore must obtain a beach pass.

Highlights of Long Beach, California vs. Long Beach, Washington Comparison:

Location  California  Washington
Population 466,742 1,687
Climate Hot semi-arid Moist and cool oceanic
Local Terrestrial Wildlife Raccoons, skunks, bats, squirrels, coyotes, bullfrogs, turtles Roosevelt elk, beavers, newts, bears, otters
Local Aquatic Wildlife Sea lions, leopard sharks, eels, seals, white abalone, sea bass Chum salmon, razor clams, halibut, oysters
Local Plant Life Coyote brush, bush sunflowers, coastal prickly pear cactus, white and black sage Sitka spruce, western hemlock, African violet
Tourist Attractions Aquarium of the Pacific, RMS Queen Mary, Grand Prix of Long Beach Long Beach Razor Clam Festival
Median Household Income $71,150 per year  $54,350 per year
Crime Index  312.7  226.5