Lieutenant Jyoti Nainwal Wife of Martyr Naik Deepak Joins Indian Army

Lt Jyoti dropped from OTA, Chennai today, satisfying her better half Naik Deepak’s (1 Mahar) passing on wish. Lt Jyoti mother of Reyansh(5) and Lavanya (8), got authorized into the Indian Army in the wake of getting gigantic inspiration and being tirelessly supported by her significant other’s parent unit (1 MAHAR).

Brig Cheema (ex CO 1 MAHAR) tutored her all through her course of planning. A free lady who doesn’t dread to step on a way most would fear. Lt Jyoti demonstrated that a spouse of a Martyr is known as a Veer Nari in light of the fact that she dares to manage and conquer any test or tragedy.

Her unprecedented achievement additionally shows the holding , support and ceaseless direction given by her better half’s legion and regiment.

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