Largest Landowner in New Jersey Owns a Ridiculous 3,000 Acres

By a significant measure, the federal government is the biggest landowner in the US. The United States government owns and manages 650 million acres, or almost 30%, of the total area in all 50 states. The federal government is, predictably, the greatest landowner in each state. For instance, the government controls an astounding 85% of the land in the state of Nevada. Even though the public’s land share in New Jersey is substantially lower, the government still has the largest land ownership percentage compared to its rivals.

The federal government controls nearly 180,000 acres, or less than 4 percent, of the 4.8 million acres that comprise the Garden State. But who owns the most land in New Jersey when we take away public land?

Finding New Jersey’s Biggest Landowner

It is more difficult to find information about land holdings in New Jersey than it is in other states. The World Population Review notes that the largest landowner in the Garden State only owns 1,000 acres, highlighting this challenge. Even though 1,000 acres is a sizable quantity of land, some other companies control larger amounts.

In the 1990s, Princeton University held almost 4,000 acres, making it the largest private landowner in the state. But as the institution has acquired new land and sold off portions of its existing holdings throughout the years, the total amount of land it owns has changed. It continues to be one of the biggest landowners in New Jersey, claiming to hold over 2,300 acres. Though it isn’t the biggest landowner in the state, Princeton is close.

The New Jersey Landowner with the Biggest Ownership Owns an Absurd 3,000 Acres

It seems that New Jersey earns its moniker as the “Garden State.” Given that the state’s namesake comes from the sheer number of farms that thrive there, it makes reasonable that farms would control the most land in New Jersey.

The biggest dairy farm in New Jersey is called Wellacrest Farms. It possesses an absurd 3,000 acres in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. With 600 cows under its care, the expansive complex produces over 51,000 pounds of milk every day. It comes to 17 million pounds annually. Those thousands of acres are used not only to house the adult cows who provide milk and their calves, but also to grow feed for all the animals that live on the Mullica Hill property. Additionally, some grain is sold to other farms.