Key Tips on Moving From Friendship to a Romantic Relationship

Forty percent of marriages began as friendships alone. The pair might have merely been pals or they might have met at work or school. Although there was never a clear romantic spark between them when they first started dating, as time went on, one or both of them came to the realization that there might be more to their friendship than just romantic love.

Some well-known couples who started out as friends

You don’t have to search far to discover that many well-known pairs of people were “just friends” until Cupid shot them:

Before their relationship became sexual, Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, was friends with her late husband Dave for six years.

Fourteen years before they were romantically involved, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were pals on the sitcom “That 70s Show.”

The connection between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds first developed on the production of the movie “The Green Lantern.”After going on a double date with separate partners for about a year, they came to the realization that they ought to be together.

Before realizing there was a sexual spark between them, Beyonce and Jay Z maintained a totally platonic bond for a year.

Before they fell in love and were married, Kate Middleton and Prince William were in the same social circle, attended the same university, and basically spent time together.

When you realize that there might be more behind your amicable sentiments

You and your friend-of-the-opposite-six have a lengthy friendship. Maybe you and him go back to high school. Perhaps you were coworkers at your first job and are still friends after all these years. You’ve both been in and out of relationships and have relied on one another to talk through problems in them. You two are now unmarried. And you notice that all of a sudden, you have a fresh perspective on your friend.

He appears to be a lot more responsible and sincere than the males you’ve been seeing.

Their adorableness escaped your notice until recently.

You two are very easy to talk to about anything and anything.

You adore how comfortable you feel in his presence. You can visit his apartment in sweatpants and a college T-shirt, and they won’t make fun of your attire. There’s no need to get all dolled up.

It strikes to you as you observe them that they are the nicest guy you have ever met.

When you witness them dating someone else, you get a little envious and could even quietly disapprove of the people they show interest in.

You miss them when you’re apart and think about them frequently.

When you know you will see them, you are delighted.

You experience butterflies in your stomach when you think about them.

Do they think the same thing about you as you do after the conversation?

You both speak with ease, so you’ve already gained access. If they are experiencing the same thing, you should reassure yourself that the outcome will be worthwhile even though broaching the topic may make you anxious. When you are both at ease, schedule the conversation to begin. Go somewhere you both enjoy being, such as your go-to coffee shop or the park where you both enjoy jogging.

It’s verified! He has the same emotions that you do!

Your relationship is going really well. According to professionals who research long-term relationships and satisfaction, the basis for relationships that begin as friends and end as lovers is the genuine and unadulterated character of friendship.

From friendship to love, what makes these couples so attractive?

When you first become friends, you have the opportunity to get to know your partner without the sexual filter that can hide some of their less desirable traits. Establishing a friendship beforehand also offers you an advantage as you aren’t “pretending” to be someone you aren’t in order to pique their interest. We’ve all heard of the friend who, in an effort to win over a prospective partner, pretends to be interested in his football passion? That simply doesn’t occur when a couple first becomes friends since it’s not required. There is no attempt to “catch” the other. They have natural and sincere feelings for one another.

Why do friendships between friends and lovers tend to last longer?

Compared to couples that begin in a sexual relationship, those who were friends before getting intimate last longer and have a deeper bond. The explanation for this is clear: a relationship needs to be built on more than just sexual attraction if it is to last over time. It also needs to have a strong foundation of friendship and compatibility. Because of this, relationships that start dating as soon as they get together rarely continue. If there isn’t a basis of mutual compatibility, boredom sets in once the first lust wears off.

In summary

Good luck if you are attempting to take your friendship from the friend to the romantic realm!Good, healthy love is worth taking a chance on since life is brief.