Is Your Partner a Narcissist? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Those that are overly invested in themselves are considered narcissists. They have a tendency to disregard those around them because they are so enamored with their personality. In reaction to early trauma, a narcissist buryes his authentic self-expression and replaces it with a highly industrialized, compensated false self.

Narcissists also have the attractive quality of being captivating, endearing, attractive, and unafraid to give compliments. Thus, if any of the following indicate that you might be dating a narcissist, please proceed very carefully:

1. They love being the exception to the rule

It gives narcissists pleasure to be the exception to a rule. They search for a reason to disobey established guidelines and directives if you have them. Get away from someone you are in a relationship with if they feel superior to you and think they are above the law.

2. They don’t give a damn about your emotions

It doesn’t matter to narcissists if you’re happy or miserable. Their feelings are a worry to them. They care about themselves. They can barely comprehend that sentiments exist, much less care if any have been wounded; they are only in this world to serve their own conceited self-image.

3. Their behavior is bossy.

They issue orders and keep an eye on everything you do. They constantly have the impression that they are in charge of you and that nothing you say or do will stop them from doing what they want. You cannot control them or issue commands to them, even if they are subordinates.

4. They have excessive confidence

The tendency for narcissists to be overconfident about things is a key indicator that you are in love with them. They are bold and risk-takers, which helps them land dates.

5. They are charming

It’s common knowledge that narcissists have exquisite looks. They are attractive and pleasant, which is what initially draws others to date them.

6. They always present you with challenges

In essence, being in love with a narcissist consists of a never-ending stream of chats in which you voice your opinion and they seize upon it without hesitation. They have an attitude of superiority and demonstrate how to subvert your desires and ideas.

7. They become bored easily

Narcissists demonstrate their willingness and ability to do whatever it takes to win you over. They usually become bored and lose interest in the relationship once they discover you are in love with them.

8. Unreliability

Comparing a narcissist’s statements and deeds is another technique to spot them. Narcissists can never be trusted since they usually backtrack from your well-laid plans. They break their promises.

9. They believe they should receive special care.

Narcissists frequently demand special treatment from other people. Despite not having to pay for it, they always choose to go in business class. They constantly strive to be superior to others and dislike receiving equal treatment.

10. People frequently confuse your kindness for weakness.

The more you try to be nice to a narcissist, the more hostile they are. They don’t stop talking and boasting about how they are prepared to break you out of their lives without feeling guilty.

11. They feel envious of other people.

Because they believe you are only an extension of their narcissistic supply, which they must keep close and under control, narcissists also frequently have extremely jealous spouses.

12. They frequently lie

They feel you have nowhere else to turn because they are acting like the boss over you, which gives them the go-ahead to cheat on you. When they betray on you, they might not even feel regret for it.

13. They refuse to acknowledge their errors

Every action has an appropriate and inappropriate response. Narcissists, of course, believe that your method of doing things is incorrect and theirs is the proper one. The narcissist will openly criticize you or anyone else who dares to do something that isn’t exactly to their taste.

14. The narcissist will stop at nothing to gain followers.

A narcissist is someone who updates their Facebook page and Instagram account frequently. They adore who they are and would be delighted if others felt the same way. They frequently go after Instagram likes and comments.

15. One-sided conversations are common.

A narcissist will never listen to you or take interest in your opinions. They reject anything you try to say or demonstrate because they believe their ideas and expressions must take precedence over yours.