Is Unprecedented Drought Pushing the Amazon River to the Brink of Disaster?

The Amazon River: Will the World’s Longest River Become the World’s Longest Riverbed?

The terrifying video at the top of the page shows how barren the Amazon River is. It is very tragic. One location on Earth that can demonstrate the current situation of the climate catastrophe is the amazing Amazon rainforest. The gang is travelling across the Amazon River to get to a settlement, when the narrative opens the film. However, because of the unusually low river, they have to get out of the canoe and lug it over patches of dry land! The drought is severely affecting the forty-family village in the centre of the rainforest by preventing them from getting in. They are still making a lot of effort to get to the impacted area, though.

The neighbourhood is experiencing problems washing and watering their crops because there is so little water! The appalling conditions are further highlighted by the fact that the journalist trying to reach the hamlet is unable to even keep boating up the river. The journalist, forced to halt, queries the local guide on the consequences of this drought. He underlines how dire things are since the villagers’ families will be cut off. Since they were unable to get the community member to the hospital in time, they already lost one of them!

The more than 100,000 people who live in the Amazon are being impacted by the drought in similar ways, which is hitting thousands of settlements. However, local ecologists caution that this drought is causing catastrophic aberrations that have never been seen before. Freshwater dolphins have started washing up dead on the shores of two lakes in unprecedented numbers. In response, the Brazilian government dispatched an emergency team to investigate the cause. The water temperature in certain areas of the lakes was higher than the body temperature of dolphins and humans at rest.

The Amazon Rainforest Is Teetering On a Tipping Point!

The Amazon rainforest has the ability to create its own rain system when left unaltered by human activity. The extremely thirsty plant and animal species continue to be fed when moisture from the trees condenses to form rain clouds. But this system is completely out of whack because people have removed huge tracts of the rainforest. In the Amazon, farmers have started starting small fires to make way for new agricultural land. But these little fires can get out of control when the forest becomes increasingly drier as a result of this waning rain system.

Since 1970, logging and agricultural expansion have cleared 17% of the Amazon, as seen in the video at the top of the page. If this number rises to 25% and global temperatures increase by a further 2.5 degrees Celsius, the tipping point will be achieved. This would be catastrophic for everyone, not just those who reside in the Amazon. Since the Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s biggest carbon sinks, its collapse would have an impact on everyone on the planet. A cautious specialist on Amazonian plants and animals ends the film by sharing her fears. I’m afraid for the Amazon’s future and that the events that have occurred thus far are merely warning signals.