Information about Indian Military Academy Dehradun

Indian Military Academy, Dehradun (also known as IMA) is the training officer of the Academy of the Indian Army. IMA was established in 1932. IMA is for the training of male candidates for permanent commission in the Indian Army. The academy is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, about 8 km west of Dehradun in the Indian state of northern Uttarakhand. The campus is located on National Road 72, which separates the North Campus and South. An apprentice in admission to AMI refers to a gentleman cadet. One reason for this is that the Academy expects its graduates to uphold moral values and high ethics.

Joining the Military Academy in India

How to reach the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun
The first GC of the year come from diverse backgrounds with multiple and grooming habits. The Academy plays a vital role in molding these differences and helps to anchor in a common union. Doing things together with a sense of friendship. No GC receives preferential treatment, all are allowed to form a whole; Together they break bread together and play together to receive the same training. This union helps develop values such as camaraderie, team spirit, and unity go a long way to provide a body of officers separated the identity of the army. IMA promotes Gentlemen Cadet to reflect on the greatness of the diversity of India’s secular foundation and honor the traditions and customs of the army.
Cadets go through training at the IMA for one year. Exceptions are students selected under the consideration of the combined services of the UPSC Defence. These cadets who graduate from a non-military university training a year and a half years. Also Read: How to join the OTA Chennai
These are the ways young children can join IMA:
With NDA review: young and brave boys who have passed their 12th class may appear in the NDA. When one is selected in the NDA and chooses a preference army, and subjected to 3 years of the formation of NDA Khadakwasla training and 1 year after AMI. Notice of Registration is held twice a year in June and December
By CDSE: male graduates can join IMA CDSE. Must appear in writing CDSE, SSB pass, good health and come in the final merit. The notification is done twice a year since the exam is conducted twice a year in March / April and September / October.
During technical higher education: will those who study last year / completed / B Tech in current reported also join via third IMA technical cycle. The duration of the training is 1 year. Beware the ad published in major newspapers/employment in May / June and November / December each year.
Ticket System University: This entry is for those of you who wish to apply engineering pre-thesis of the Army. Beware the ad published in major newspapers/employment every year in May.
Army Education Corps (AEC) TGC: You can reach this branch of military education after obtaining post. The notification is made by the extra Branch recruitment / AG Branch twice a year in May / June and November / December Qualification to join this branch is MA / MSC 1st or 2nd division reported recognized academic subjects.

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