Indian Navy Ranks List

Want to become a naval officer in India and looking for grades and salary structure Navy commissioned officers? Read on to learn more about the monthly salary/wage of naval officers after the sixth pay commission.

Indian Navy is one of the best forces of the Armed Forces of India for work. No doubt this. Let’s see what the pay is not an official receives monthly.

Lieutenant rank
Sub Lieutenant is the first rank given to candidates who have successfully completed the required training of the Indian Navy. level or the salary scale of an officer to lieutenant is 15600-39100 found in the band receives payment Under Lieutenant wage level of 5,400 rupees per month and payment of military service or MSP to six lakhs month. Thus, if the total salary and allowances comprise an agent working in the Indian army in the rank of lieutenant get the salary of about 65 thousand rupees per month.

Lieutenant officers of the Indian Navy
The second row of India
No official of the Navy lieutenant’s rank. After two years of service as an officer, an officer of the Indian Navy obtained the rank of captain. An officer to lieutenant receives payment of the band or the pay scale of 15600-39100 found in the wage level 3 of the revised salary scale by the Sixth Pay Commission. Lieutenant receives a grade pay 6100 rupees, 700 rupees more a lieutenant under. MSP is a lieutenant 6,000 rupees per month.

Lieutenant Commander of the Indian Navy
After the lieutenant rank is given the rank of lieutenant commander of army officers. A lieutenant commander of the remuneration of the band or Indian Navy salary range is 15600 – 39100. In addition to the band or the pay scale, Lieutenant Commander receives 6,600 rupees per month as remuneration. MSP also six thousand rupees per month is eligible for a lieutenant general commanding officer of the Indian Navy serving lieutenant rank commander receives about one lakh rupees per month.

Commander rank officers of the Indian Navy
A lieutenant commander is appointed as commander after the promotion. wage level changes Commander pay band four changes and pay scale range of 37,400 to 67,000 rupees. Also, a position in the rank of commander gets eight thousand rupees per month and six thousand rupees as payment MSP. Overall, an officer in the Indian Navy in the rank of commander receives about two lakh rupees per month as payment.

Range Captain of the Indian Navy
A commander was promoted to captain of the Indian Navy captain rank gets paid or pay scale of Rs 37000-67000 band. An officer to captain 8700 and 6000 rupees paid as monthly MSP grade. Therefore, a captain of the Indian Navy gets two and a half lakh rupees three lakh rupees per month.

Commodore range
Commodore range is given to officers of the Indian Navy serving in the rank of captain and considered for further promotion. A Navy Commodore India must pay or pay scale of Rs 37400-67000 band. Commodore also receives an 8900 rupees as salary level and 6,000 rupees as monthly MSP. While Indian Navy Commodore receives about three and a half lakh rupees per month.

Range-Admiral of the Indian Navy
Commodore is promoted as a Navy Adm in India. A Adm gets 37,400 to 67,000 rupees. As an officer of the Indian Navy in the rank of admiral receives ten thousand rupees per month as salary level. A Navy Adm India receives about four lakh rupees per month.

Vice Admiral range
Indian Navy Vice Admiral leaves the salary band or level of 67,000 to 79,000 rupees. Vice-Admiral of the Indian Navy receives no compensation or MSP. Overall, an officer in the Indian Navy who works in the vice-admiral receives about four and a half lakh rupees.

Admiral range of the Indian Navy
Indian Navy’s highest rank of Admiral. The Admiral wage level is set at ninety thousand rupees per month. Admiral of the Indian Navy is leftover around six to seven lakh rupees per month.
Apart from the wideband or compensation mentioned above, the official payment of the Indian Navy gets various benefits and services which the race was an officer in the Navy as one of the best options to choose from.

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