Indian military academy (IMA) Dehradun Payscale and Salary

As a candidate should be happy to know the salary (subsidies) and benefits of a gentleman cadet arrives at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. In this post, we will talk about the pay scale of a cadet [GC] Military Academy in India. Here wages and benefits may vary depending on the type of entry.
direct entry

GCS receives direct input allocation Rs 21000 / – per month during their training at the IMA.
Service cadets continue to draw pay their rank, while the Indian Military Academy. They must bring their empty payroll AO No. 309/64. Candidates services draw the rest one month before its previous vacuum unit AO 543/63.
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Cadets pay and benefits knight in IMA, Dehradun
GCS Tech is entitled to a temporary problem of pay and allowances of Rs 21,000 PM during his training at the IMA, which was later adjusted by the CDA (O) Pune while the release of pay and allowances for grade lieutenant for all other purposes to be designated as cadets and treated as such. The Commission on the short function (on parole) will automatically stop the self-removal / resignation or success of the training course at the Academy.
They will be required to pay the costs of Messing, hosting and related services. Currently, the rate of Rs 486 per month and varies from time to time. In addition, they are obliged to fulfill their pocket expenses for the IMA.
UES entry GCS receives compensation of Rs 21,000 for the last year of his final year of engineering. They shall be paid the remuneration and allocation of Rs 27,000 Lieutenant per month plus DA after his training at the IMA.

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