Indian Army Salary, 7th Pay Commission, Salary Slip Rank Wise, Additional Allowance

If you have a burning desire to join the Indian Army Salary job & serve your country with one among the foremost respectable jobs of the country, then you have got come to the right place to induce more motivation. The explanation to work in the Indian Army could also serve the country otherwise you are attracted by the extra-ordinary facilities & allowances of the military person. To join a great organization, you ought to check all the aspects before creating a decision. There are several reasons wherever the Indian Army is the best career possibility. However before you jump within the competition, you ought to have information about all the aspects that are helpful to urge a better placement from numerous posts.

Indian Army Salary After 7th Pay Commission:

Do know what are the salary & perks that an Army soldier gets as his salary. If you wish to work in the Indian Army, then first try to know what Indian Army Salary is given to what post in the Indian Army. Initial understand the salary details for Army Officers then decide by which rank you wish to join the Indian Army.

Salary of Indian Army Jawan:

There are numerous terms that can come across you before you are trying to understand the Salary of Indian Army structure. These terms are grade pay, gross wage, basic pay etc. Below I actually have written the hierarchy of rank in the Indian Army. If a candidate is chosen as a Soldier General Duty (GD), then you’ll get to the coaching. After coaching, you’ll be promoted to the next level.


Indian Army Salary by Rank:

So you’re an undergraduate & a nonscience stream students in class twelfth, then you’ll be a part of the Indian Army as Soldier General Duty (GD), then you’ll become Major Subedar which is the highest for a Soldier GD. Throughout the retirement age , you may be promoted to honorary captain. If you may become Major Subedar via Soldier GD. Within the another case of being a Graduate, you’ll prepare for CDS or NDA. You may be sent for coaching & then you may be posted as a Lieutenant in some army unit.

Ranking System in Indian Army:

 Sepoy / Rifleman Lance Naik Naik Havildar Naib Subedar Subedar Subedar Major (SM)


Lieutenant Captain Major Lt. Colonel Colonel Brigadier Major general Lieutenant general

Indian Army Salary Details:

The salary structure isn’t a complex factor to understand that almost all people thought. This will be easily done. Gross Salary: The figure that you may get as salary per month may be a gross salary.
Gross Salary = Grade Pay + Basic Pay + Monthly Allowances

The Indian Army Salary of a Government worker (more specifically Central Government) is comprised of varied parts i.e. house rent allowance and different miscellaneous allowances, basic pay, grade pay, expensiveness allowance,

Grade Pay: It’s an amount that is paid by the govt. to the Indian Army worker that depends on classes, pay band (Level) of the employee. The Grade pay is calculated on the Position of an employ Seventh Pay Commission.
Basic Pay: It’s the total of Grade Pay & Pay Band. Basic Pay equals to Grade Pay + Pay Band.

Indian Army Salary Slip Rank Wise:

Post  Pay Scale Army Service Pay Grade Pay Total Cash (Salary)
Sepoy 5200-20200 2000  1800 25,000
Lance Naik 5200-20200 2000  2000 30,000
Naik 5200-20200 2000  2400 35,000
Havaldar 5200-20200 2000  2800 40,000
Naib Subedar 9300-34800 2000  4200 45,000
Subedar 9300-34800 2000  4600 50,000
Subedar Major 9300-34800 2000  4800 65,000
Lieutenant 15600-39100 6000  5400 68,000
Captain 15600-39100 6000  6100 75,000
Major 15600-39100 6000  6600 1,00,000
Lieutenant Colonel 37400-67000 6000  8000 1,12,000
Colonel 37400-67000 6000  8700 1,30,000
Brigadier 37400-67000 6000  8900
Major General 37400-67000  –  10,000  –
Lieutenant General 37400-67000  –  –  –

What is Basic Pay & Grade Pay?

The difference between Basic Pay & Grade Pay is extremely simple. Grade Pay is the same till you get the promotion to higher posts. Whereas Basic Pay will increase each year. Grade Pay changes with respect to ability & position. PayScale is the measure scale of Pay. A grade may be a newly added term added after the sixth Pay Commission. Basic Pay is the lowest remuneration that changes throughout time.

Monthly Additional Allowances:

The extra allowances that a Government worker gets as compensation for the varied expenditure i.e. Transportation charges, House rental Allowances (HRA). These are a number of the additional allowance. Not only, but you’ll also get facilities like Accommodation & Food Allowances, Army employee gets additional allowances like Kit Maintenance that is fixed as four hundred Rupees per month. The Ta is between 1600 to 3200.

A soldier conjointly gets another allowance not similar to Housing & Food however these are Kit Allowances. Kit Maintenance is given to the soldier per month i.e. Rs. 400. The Transport Allowance is given from 1600 to 3200 per month.

Field Area Allowance: It’s calculated from the twenty-fifth of Basic Pay
Counterinsurgency: Rs.6300
High Altitude: Rs.5600
Siachen: Rs.14000
Flying Pay: Rs.9000
Parachute Pay: Rs.1200
Special Forces: Rs.9000 per month
There are some other miscellaneous charges that are not written here. We’ve provided enough information to you that may calculate the salary of a Soldier.

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