Indian Army Interview Questions for Computer Engineers

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Indian army interview questions for computer engineers

In the SSB interview, he could face anything under the sun. But generally, they face a question session with the interviewing officer. Most candidates are asking about the kind of questions they will face during their interview, we are writing about graduate engineer can face issues during his / her interview with SSB.
There are several technical inputs for engineering students, as UES, TGC, and SSC technology to the Indian Army, Air Force AFCAT for India and certain direct inputs to the Indian Navy. If you opt for BSS through a technical contribution, then you should be aware of some basic concepts of the subjects studied or are studying.
SSB questions of a technical interview for engineering students
SSB Interview Rama Engineering

Civil engineer
Mechanical engineering
Electrical / Electrical & Electronics
/ Workshop Auto Technology
Aerospace / Aviation / Aeronautics / Ballistics / Avionics
Sc & Engg / Computer Technology / Information Tech / M.Sc Computer Sc
Electronics and Telecommunications / Telecommunications / Electronics and COMn / Satellite Communications
Electronics / Opto Electronics / fiber / Micro Electronics and Microwave
Electronics and Instrumentation / Instrumentation
Architecture / Building Construction Technology
Food Tech / BioTech / Bio-Medical Engg
chemical engineering
Metallurgy and explosives / Metallurgical Engineering
Industrial / Manufacturing Engg / Industrial Engg and Adm / Production
SSB civil matters

What are the steps involved in the casting process, explain?
Briefly describe the various methods of curing concrete.
What is “preset” when bridge bearing installation?
Therefore, the steel plates are inserted into the bearings of the supports elastomer?
Reinforcements that are used in the prestressing process?
In designing the bridge arguments what considerations should be made to select the orientation of the wing walls?
If the concrete box girder bridges are how to determine the number of cells?
Under what circumstances should be used in place of the pot bearings support elastomers?
Why the pump should not be used in case of concrete work?
Why is it not cured that should be done by polyethylene sheets and waterlogging?
What are the different types of test indications Slump?
Why it is necessary to support long structures once the formwork is removed?
Explain the cavitation mechanism in pipes and drains?
So use the beds used in storm sewers, explain?
Why are performed production tensile tests for soil nails?
Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of using bumper plastic and wood?
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SSB Interview Questions mechanical engineering

What is the difference between the critical velocity and Whirlwind speed?
As a diesel engine as a working generator?
Explain the second law of thermodynamics?
Compare the Brayton Cycle and Otto cycle?
What is the purpose of the Scrapper ring?
What DTSI Technology?
What is the importance of thermodynamics?
What is the difference between P11 and P12 tubes?
State AnitiFriction difference between the slide bearing and bearing?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of LPG in the car?
What is the difference between speed and economic speed?
View all laws of thermodynamics?
Enter the difference between unilateral and bilateral tolerance?
What is the difference between welding processes?
Which is a more efficient diesel or a gasoline engine?
What is the heaviest cotton 1 kg or 1 kg of iron?
What is the difference between the force and the strength of the sudden impact?
How do you know that the air is completely saturated?
What is the operating pressure?
What is the difference between resistance and strength?
What is the hydrostatic system?
What is meant by Tonn An air conditioner?
1 of the State Law of Thermodynamics?
If a steel tube with the hole in the medium is heated, the heat affects the manner in which the hole diameter?
SSB interview questions Electrical Engineering

What is the “power factor”?
What now?
What Ampere?
Can you measure the current in parallel?
What is the difference between the voltage and the potential difference?
Can you measure the voltage in series?
State and define Ohm’s law?
What is the function of the capacitor in electrical circuits?
What is the function of the inductor’s electrical circuits?
How Tubelight?
How does a ceiling fan?
What is the difference between the inverter and the inverter?
What does the term “voltage regulation” mean?
What is the difference between power and energy?
What is the current law Kirchhoff (KCL)?
What is the superposition theorem?
SSB Interview Questions Electronics and Communications Engineering

What are the electronics?
What is communication?
Different types of communications? Explain.
What is engineering?
Difference between electronic and electrical.
What is the cutoff?
What is the bandwidth?
What is the modulation? And where it is used?
Explain AM and FM.
How mobile work?
How many satellites are needed to cover the earth?
What is mitigation?
What is Multiplexing?
Difference between CDMA and GSM.
What is an amplifier?
Explaining full-duplex and half-duplex.
What is an assessment? And explain the different types of feedback.
Advantages of the negative feedback positive feedback.
What oscillator?
What is a transducer and a transponder?
What is a rectifier?
What is resistance?
What is the capacity?
What is the inductance?
What is the driver?
What is a semiconductor?
What the diode?
What is the op-amp?
What the transistor?
What is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?
What is the law of Lenz?
What is Moore’s Law?
What is VoIP?
What are the different types of antennas?
What is a multiplexer?
SSB Interview Questions for Computer / IT Science

What are the basic functions of an operating system?
Explain briefly, processor, assembler, compiler, loader, linker and the functions performed by them.
What are the different phases of software development? To explain briefly?
Differentiate between RAM and ROM?
What is DRAM? Wherein the stored data is one way?
What is the cache?
What is the hard disk and what is its purpose?
Differentiate compiler and interpreter?
What are the main differences between microcontrollers and microprocessors?
What is a real-time system?
What is the difference between hard and soft real-time systems?
What is a mission-critical system?
What is the most important aspect of a real-time system?
If two processes share the same memory system and the system clock in a distributed system, what do you call?
What is the processor state when a process is waiting for an event to happen?
What do you mean by stagnation?
Explain the difference between macro and core microkernel.
Give an example of the microkernel.
When choosing from the bottom up?
When choosing the top-down methodology?
Why paging is used?
Difference between primary storage and secondary storage?
What is multitasking, multi-programming, multithreading?
Difference between multithreading and multitasking?
Define demand paging, page faults, replacement algorithms, thrashing,
Explain about paged segmentation and paging segment
When running on a DOS PC, command that would be used to duplicate the entire disk?
SSB Interview Questions for Automotive Engineering

Explain why the big tires that are used in the rear of vehicles.
What is the inclination of the kingpin? Enter a part of your application.
Explain the fundamental difference between BS2 and BS3 engine.
What is an injection pressure of heavy vehicles? Why is it used?
During the couple, which corresponds to the change in weight?
On a tractor, the performance of hydrostatic drive systems?
Explaining why the tires are always black. Is this phenomenon related to thermal conductivity?
What BHP? How can you measure BHP?
What will happen if someone adds oil fuel four-stroke engine motorcycle?
How will you tell the difference between two times and a four-stroke engine?
How will you tell the difference between two times and a four-stroke engine?
What is the scope of the efficiency of the engine in the case of a two-stroke engine?
What do you mean by DC motor?
Which is back in the compressor engines?
How do air conditioners work on cars?
What are the three methods of heat transfer?
Why plastics used in screwdriver handles?
a diesel engine has driven pump and car use injection pump?
If we use petrol in the diesel engine, which will happen?
What are octane and cetane?
What is the purpose of emitting white smoke escape during vehicle start? How will you avoid this?
Technical problems can arise from them and the preferred AAP information you mentioned. It is not mandatory that we will deal with technical issues during the interview, but are more likely to face a. Have you ever faced any technical questions during his interview on SSB? No share in the comments below.

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