Indian Army Health Requirements

The life of a soldier in the Indian army is prestigious and dignified. Anyone may request an Indian army job, irrespective of caste, religion or class. The only criterion for the recruitment of a soldier in the Indian army that respects the educational physical and medical standards discarded, and the passage of the age barrier.

The soldiers are recruited throughout the year, and the announcement of the recruitment program is published in local newspapers. This is done two weeks before the event conducted by recruitment agents and agents of the catchment area of the branches, where recruitment is actually performed.

Recruiting Indian soldier Ary

hopes of the Indian Army are taking part in horizontal bars (pulls) during a recruitment day in Khasa Army Amritsar
Pic Courtesy: Hindustan Times

You must pay attention to advertisements in local newspapers if you want to be a soldier. For recruitment, it is necessary to make a copy of your certificate of class 10 and class sheet scoresheet 12 of the brand, the latest certificate of characters (to be signed by the sarpanch people), address and certificate caste. You must also carry a certificate depends on whether you have lost relatives in the military. You should also bring a national certificate of Cadet Corp if you were a part of it.

After checking the documents, it is necessary to clear the fitness test with a doctor and a written exam.


Age – 17 ½ – 21 years

academic preparation – SSLC / Matron with 45% of the marks as a whole and 32% in each subject. Not reqd%. if the highest scores then pass only matter.

Physical Requirements – A minimum of 165-170 cm, depending on the region from which the candidate belongs to an appropriate weight (48-50kg again depending on the region) and chest of at least 77 kg. For more information, visit

Medical Requirements – A candidate for the post of the soldier in the army must be robust and physically good mental health. The chest should be well developed that a minimum overlap of 5 cm. The candidate as soldiers, the army should have normal hearing in each ear and a good binocular vision in both eyes.

He should be able to read the letter 6/6 distant vision with each eye. The candidate for the soldier in the army should have a color vision CP-III and should recognize the red and green colors. The candidate for a soldier in the army must have a sufficient number of natural rubber for health and teeth ie 14 dental down.

The candidate as soldiers, the army should not have a disease such as bone deformity, hydrocele and varicocele or batteries.

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