Indian Air Force Ranks | Air Force Ranks and Insignia of India

Indian Air Force Ranks | Air Force Ranks and Insignia of India

Indian Air Force Ranks: Indian Air Force (IAF) is one of the few highly sophisticated and powerful Air Forces in the world. Here you’ll get an insight into the Rank Structure of the Indian Air Force. Initially, once a candidate is inducted into IAF he can undergo coaching thereafter the candidate is inducted as a commissioned officer in IAF and awarded the rank of Flying Officer. thereafter on promotion, the rank will increase with that conjointly increase the responsibility that the candidate needs to shoulder. The head of the Indian Air Force is thought of as Air Chief Marshal. While the Marshal of the Air Force may be a five-star honorary/wartime rank. Until date just one officer Shri Arjan Singh, DFC has been awarded this rank. Indian Air Force Ranks…..

Indian Air Force Ranks List:

1.Flying Officer
2.Flight Lieutenant
3.Squadron Leader
4.Wing Commander
5.Group Captain
6.Air Commodore
7.Air Vice-Marshal
8.Air Marshal
9.Air Chief Marshal
10.Marshal of the Air Force

Rank 1: Marshal of the Air Force:

Marshal of the Air Force is the highest rank within the Indian Air Force that is an honorary wartime rank. This rank is known as the five-star rank. several countries have this rank, however, not all use it. Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh, DFC, was the sole Marshal of the Indian Air Force. Indian Air Force Ranks…

Rank 2: Air Chief Marshal:

This is often the second-highest rank within the Indian Air Force that could be a four-star rank. solely an Air Chief Marshal holds the position of Chief of the Air Staff(CAS), who is the professional head and therefore the commander of the Indian Air Force. This CAS is Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa who took office on thirty-one December 2016, following the retirement of Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha.

Rank 3: Air Marshal:

It’s a three-star rank within the Indian Air Force and is held by the officers who usually hold very senior appointments of the formation.

Rank 4: Air Vice Marshal:

Air Vice-Marshal could be a two-star officer rank within the Indian Air Force.

Rank 5: Air Commodore:

It’s a one-star rank that is the junior-most rank within the star category.

Rank 6: Group Captain:

It’s a senior commissioned rank within the Indian Air Force that is equivalent to colonel within the army.

Rank 7: Wing Commander:

The rank of wing commander is simply below the group captain however may be a senior commissioned rank.

Rank 8: Squadron Leader:

It comes just when the rank of wing commander.

Rank 9: Flight Lieutenant:

It’s a commissioned air force rank that comes just after Squadron Leader. The officer of this rank will never be addressed as solely “Lieutenant”.

Rank 10: Flying Officer:

Flying Officer is additionally a commissioned rank that isn’t solely held by officers who fly an aircraft. Generally ground duty officers or aircrew officers additionally hold this rank.

Junior Commissioned Officers Ranks of Indian Air Force:

Rank 1: Master Warrant Officer:

This is the rank during which an officer is selected by the warrant, unlike commissioned officers who get designated as an officer by a commission. It’s the highest rank in Junior commissioned officers.

Rank 2: Warrant Officer:

It’s the second-highest rank within the junior commissioned rank.

Rank 3: Junior Warrant Officer:

Typically a technical leader or specialist holds the rank of Junior warrant officer.

Non-Commissioned Officers Rank of Indian Air Force:

Rank 1: Sergeant:
This can be the rank just below the Junior warrant officer and maybe a non-commissioned rank.

Rank 2: Corporal:
It’s a military rank that corresponds to commanding a section or squad of soldiers.

Rank 3: Leading Aircraftman:
It’s technically not a rank however it’s a title given to Non-Commissioned Officers within the Air Force.

Rank 4: Aircraftman:
It’s the lowest of all ranks within the Indian Air Force.

Indian Air Force has 3 branches:

1) Flying Branch: Flying Branch consists of Pilots. Each man and woman will become pilots within the Indian Air Force. This branch actually flies the planes throughout operations and battles. There are 3 kinds of pilots during this branch:
Fighter Pilot
Helicopter Pilot
Transport Pilot

2) Ground Duty: This branch of the Indian Air Force deals with control tower and meteorological functions.

3) Technical Branch: Technical Branch is typically involved with the aircraft and different air force equipment.

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