Indian Air Force Planes | List of IAF Fighter Planes

Indian Air Force Planes | List of IAF Fighter Planes | Helicopter Aircraft | Transport Aircraft

Indian Air Force Planes: Almost there are about 25 Modern Active Indian Force Planes/Aircraft in Military Factory. Indian Air Force Planes are Listed Below:

Indian Air Force Fighter Planes (Fighter Aircraft):

SU-30 MKI: It has a two-seater with two engines multirole fighter of Russian origin that carries One X 30mm GSH gun together with 8000-kilogram external armament. It has the capacity of carrying a variety of medium-range guided air to air missiles with active or semi-active radar or below red homing close-range missiles. It has a max speed of 2500 km/hr.

Mirage-2000: It is a single-seater multi-role and air defense of fighter of French origin high-powered by one engine will attain a max speed of 2495 km/hr.

Jaguar: A twin-engine, single seater deep penetration strike craft of Anglo-French origin that has a max. the speed of 1350 km /hr (Mach 1.3). it has 2 30mm guns and would possibly carry 2 R-350 Magic CCMs (overwing) beside 4750 kg of external stores (bombs/fuel).

MiG-27: Single engine, single-seater plan of action strike warplane of Russian origin having a max. speed of 1700 km/hr (Mach 1.6). It carries one twenty 3 millimeters six-barrel rotary integral cannon and may carry up to 4000 kg of different armaments outwardly.

MiG-29: Twin engine, single-seater air superiority warplane of Russian origin capable of accomplishing max. speed of 2445 kilometers per hour (Mach-2.3). it is a service ceiling of seventeen kilometers. It carries a thirty-millimeter cannon at the facet of 4 R-60 shut combat and a couple of R-27 R medium vary radar-guided missiles.

MiG-21 BISON: Single engine, single seater multirole fighter/ground fighter aircraft of Russian origin that forms the backbone of the IAF. it’s a max speed of 230 km/hr (Mach 2.1) and carries one 23mm twin-barrel cannon with four R-60 close combat missiles.

Indian Air Force Helicopter (Helicopter Aircraft):

MI-25/MI-35: Twin engine turboshaft, assault and anti-armor chopper capable of carrying eight men assault squad with the four-barrel 12.7-millimeter rotary gun in nose mound and up to 1500 kilo of external ordnance additionally as Scorpion anti-tank missiles.

Cheetah: Single engine turboshaft, FAC/casevac chopper of French origin having the capability to carry 3 passengers or 100-kilo external sling loads. it is a max cruise speed of 121 km/hr and will climb to 1 km in four minutes.

MI-26: Twin engine turboshaft, the military heavy-lift helicopter of Russian origin with a carrying capacity of seventy combat-equipped troops or 20,000-kilogram payload.

MI-17 V5: They’re equipped with state-of-art navigational instrumentation, avionics, weather radar and are NVG-compatible.

Chetak: Single engine turboshaft, light-weight utility French helicopter with a capacity  of six passengers or five hundred kilogram load. It has a max speed of 220 km/hr.

Indian Air Force Transport Planes (Transport Aircraft):

C-17: The aircraft is capable of carrying a payload of 40-70 tons up to a distance of 4200-9000 kilometers during a single hop.

IL-76: A four-engine heavy duty/long haul military transport aircraft of Russian origin with a max speed of 850 km/hr. it’s a twin twenty-three mm cannon in tail turret and capacity to hold 225 paratroopers or forty tonnes of freight, wheeled, or tracked armored vehicles.

AN-32: Twin engine turboprop, medium tactical transport craft of Russian origin with a crew of 5 and capacity to hold thirty-nine paratroopers or max load of 6.7 tonnes.

EMBRAER: The main role of employment of this govt Jet Aircraft is to convey VVIPs/VIPs to destinations within India and abroad. Air HQ Communication Squadron operates this aircraft and it’s maintained a flawless incident/accident-free track record until date.

Boeing 737-200: Twin engine turbojet, a very important person traveler craft of American origin with a total seating capacity of up to sixty passengers.

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