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Indian Air Force Academy | Training Period

Indian Air Force Academy (AFA), the premier Coaching Centre of the Indian Air, is the cradle of coaching for pilots, ground duty and technical officers of IAF. This academy represents the culmination and fruition of a long-felt got to have coaching for officers of all branches in an exceedingly single institution. The coaching at this academy is intended to foster the spirit of camaraderie and promote healthy interaction among officers of each branch. The academy aims to cultivate honour and integrity in each cadet and strives to graduate Air Warriors ought to have the Indian Air Force.

The mission of AFA is to inspire and transform outstanding young men and women into courageous, dynamic, intellectual and cultured young Air Warriors; intended to lead one among the leading aerospace forces of the globe in service to the state.

The coaching at the Air Force Academy is designed to inculcate moral values, leadership qualities, sense of honour and duty, mental and physical prowess, a spirit of journey and also the will to win, within the Flight Cadets. This is often achieved by coaching in character building, discipline, military and tutorial subjects, workup, drill, sports and journey activities.

The underlying theme of activity at the Academy is camaraderie and unity and a commitment to excellence. Duty, honour, integrity and self-worth are stressed upon throughout every stage of training; as a result of these are necessary abstract qualities to be imbibed by each Flight cadet. The syllabus and syllabi keep up with current doctrines and technological developments, permitting the cadets at the same time to imbibe the essential principles/tenets of the military profession.

A need was felt for a long time to determine a permanent Air Force Academy at one place, not just for pilots but additionally for Ground Duty Officers. the concept of this Academy was planned as so much back as 1953, with an aim to compile, at one place, the coaching of all fresh entrants into the flying and ground duty branches of the Air Force aside from the technical branch.

The set up was to develop the institution step by step with the pilots’ school moving in 1st, then the navigation and signal faculty and eventually the ground duties coaching faculty. Construction of the Air Force Academy has delayed for many years thanks to the issue in effort a correct web site. Eventually, concerning 6700 acres of land set approx forty-three km NW of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad was acquired from the govt. of Andhra Pradesh. the placement was considered ideal, as satellite bases for advanced coaching were obtainable at Hakimpet and Bidar and therefore the weather was conducive for flying coaching for a significant portion of the year.

In common with all great establishments, the Academy too had a humble starting. In contrast with this aura of grandeur, one lovingly remembers the eventful days in April 1970 when Air commodore JD Aquino (the 1st Commandant) landed at the proposed site to urge the wheels in motion With him was somewhat lost team of officers and men who took to tents and shared their not-so-enviable accommodation with scorpions, snakes and mosquitoes that showed scant regard for each rank and status.

The Air Force Academy formally came into being once the then President of India Dr Zakir Hussain arranged the foundation stone of the structure on eleven Oct 1967. The Academy was a vision that wanted to concentrate most of the ab-initio officer coaching of the IAF beneath one roof.

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