India Celebrates Its 71st Army Day, Army Day Celebration

India Celebrates Army Day: Indian Army Day is celebrated because on the same day (15th of January) in 1948 lieutenant-general K. M. Cariappa (Kodandera Madappa Cariappa) took over as the 1st Commander-in-chief of the Indian Army from Sir Francis Butcher, the last British commander. So this day is celebrated to recognize this proud moment. In 2015 Indian Army is celebrating 67th Army Day. On this day various parades, celebrations, and shows are held within the capital of New Delhi and in all Army Commands. On this day homage is paid to the epitome of bravery, the soldiers who have come all their way to defend the country without giving a second thought, the soldiers for whom the state has come first forever.

Take pride, as you’re a citizen of India, as you’ll watch the bravest of the soldiers giving away everything they need for his or their motherland. Indian Army is one of the best Army in the globe. With the finest establishments like National Defence Academy Khadakwasla, Indian military academy, Dehradun and Officers Training Academy, Chennai, and Gaya, the Indian Army has the best of the troopers.

From the shivering cold of Kashmir to the sweating Rajasthan and the jungles of North East India, the Indian Army has proved its mettle always and each time. The soldiers are selfless as they strongly believe these words “The safety, honor, and welfare of your country come first, always and each time. The honor, welfare, and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort, and safety come last, always and each time”. Time and again they need to be proved their bravery, from the battlefield to the peacekeeping, and to the rescue operations.

India Celebrates Army Day 2019 is celebrated on the fifteenth of Jan, Tuesday. it would be celebrated as 71st Indian Army Day within the national capital. It will be the first time in history that a lady officer will lead an army dependant on the Army Day parade. Lt. Bhawana Kasturi is the first lady officer leading a contingent comprising of one hundred forty-four male officers. Captain Shikha Surabhi will lead the ‘Daredevil Team’ of the Indian Army comprising thirty-three men acting daredevil stunts within the Army Day parade. The team conjointly holds around twenty-four world records that conjointly include the Guinness record. The team also will be a part of the Republic Day Parade 2019 at Rajpath.

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