Incredible Facts That Make Virginia Like No Other Place in the World

Virginia is an exceptional state. There are those who believe it is too north to be a southern state and those who believe it is too south to be a northern state. But we’ll discuss the reason later. Notable in American history, it was one of the original thirteen colonies. To find out more about what makes Virginia unique, continue reading.

1. Virginia Has A Few Volcanoes!

There are a couple of volcanoes in Virginia. Mole Hill is the biggest volcano in Virginia. At 1,893 feet above sea level, it occupies 47 acres. It is located near Dayton, Virginia, which is outside of Harrisonburg. The Mole Hill Bikes firm in Dayton is the only means to access the Volcano. Dormant at the moment, Mole Hill is one of the East Coast’s youngest volcanoes. Trimble Knob and Battle Mountain Volcano are the two more volcanoes in Virginia.

2. Richmond, Virginia Was Once The Capital Of The Confederacy

The Confederacy’s former capital was Richmond, Virginia. The city was heavily involved in the Civil War. Because of its political clout, it turned the hitherto rural city into an industrial powerhouse. Due to the strength of their Union links to the tobacco business, it was originally opposed to secession. Montgomery, Alabama served as the previous capital. Nevertheless, it was relocated to Richmond, Virginia in order to be near Washington, D.C., the capital of the Union. Confederate leaders visiting the new capital, soldiers entering and leaving the city, the growth of the industrial activities during the war, and the presence of whiskey shops all contributed to a significant increase in the city’s population.

3. The Longest Bridge In Virginia Is Underground!

The seventeen-mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It features two tunnels that descend to a depth of 134 feet and descend a mile below the surface. It links the Eastern Shore to the Virginia mainland and has been in use for more than 60 years.

4. Their Longest Tunnel Is Also Underwater

The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel is Virginia’s longest tunnel. It was designed to take the place of ferries for moving automobiles across waterways. The longest tunnel in Virginia is not the Chesapeake Bridge, despite popular belief to the contrary. How come? The Chesapeake Bridge is a continuous span that submerges for one mile at a time. Compared to the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel, Hampton Roads is submerged for a greater amount of time.

5. It’s Home To Many Musical Legends

When one recalls the history of music in Virginia, Pusha T, No Malice, Pharrell Williams, Missy Elliott, Chad Hugo, D’Angelo, and GWAR come to mind. However, the Commonwealth is home to many more musical legends. The theme music for NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN used to be by the Butcher Brown Band. Alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University Nickelus F collaborated with Drake on multiple projects between 2006 and 2013. In Richmond’s downtown, there’s a dive pub owned by the metal band GWAR. There is a freeway named for Missy Elliott! Newport News, Virginia, is also the hometown of Ella Fitzgerald.

Fly Anakin, AL-DOMS, Young Crazy, Kali Uchis, CONFROMTHE703, Outsider, Turnover, Michael Millions, and Radio B are some other well-known bands and musicians from Virginia today. Virginia’s Eastern area and Richmond are the most popular music destinations. The Eastern region includes Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

6. Virginia Once Had A Major League Basketball Team!

The Virginia Squires were a member of the American Basketball Association (ABA) prior to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the ABA merging in 1976. It would have felt even more like there was no other place to reside if Virginia had continued to field the ABA squad. The Squires lived in Oakland and Washington before moving to San Francisco in 1970.

NBA greats Rick Barry (renowned for his grandmother shot free throw technique), George Gervin (better known for his time spent with the Spurs in San Antonio), and Julius Erving (the ABA’s face) were among the notable Virginia Squires alumni. It should be mentioned that Rick Barry was a former Oakland player who made an appearance in an August 1970 edition of Sports Illustrated while donning a Squires uniform. Nevertheless, because Barry did not like the South, the Squires traded him.

The Squires played games in Norfolk at Hampton, Richmond, Roanoke, and Old Dominion University during their six years in Virginia.

7. Deion Sanders Once Played For The Richmond Braves

Deion Neon. Best Hours. with twenty-nine games, the man himself, Deion Sanders, was a player with the Triple-A Richmond Braves in baseball. He had previously invested in The Diamond, the current home of the Richmond Squirrels. Deion Sanders is currently the football coach for Colorado and a revered figure in the NFL.

8. The First Thanksgiving Actually Happened In Virginia, Not Massachusetts…

While the Pilgrims and Native Americans met in Plymouth in 1621—a meeting that is well-known to all—a group of Virginians got together in Berkley, Virginia, for a meal and prayer. In Berkley, people celebrate it as a local holiday every year! It includes a BBQ, home tours of the Berkley Plantation, reenactments, and tribal dancers.

9. Virginia Is Home To Many Sports Legends

Virginia has produced numerous outstanding sports legends, despite the fact that the state now lacks any big sports franchises. Allen Iverson, a native of Hampton, Virginia, is among the most well-known athletes in the Commonwealth, if not the most. But he’s not the only one, either.

Alonzo Mourning of the Charlotte Hornets is a native of Chesapeake, Virginia. Michael Vick, an NFL quarterback, hails from Newport News, Virginia. A Tennis Icon Richmond, Virginia native Arthur Ashe is commemorated with a statue close to the well-known Arthur Ashe Boulevard. Denny Hamlin, a driver for NASCAR, spent the majority of his life in Chesterfield, Virginia. Moses Malone, the NBA legend, is a Petersburg, Virginia native.

Pernell Whitaker, a six-time boxing champion, hails from Norfolk. Grant Hill, an NBA Hall of Famer, is a native of Reston, Virginia. Jake Scott, the five-time all-pro safety, needed two interceptions versus the Commanders to ensure the 1972 Dolphins’ winning season was perfect. The Arlington native’s brilliance in the big game earned him the Super Bowl MVP award that year. For athletes, there’s nowhere better to reside than Virginia, right?

10. Virginia’s Slogan Is “Virginia Is For Lovers”

Advertising Age named the catchphrase “Virginia Is For Lovers” as one of the most recognizable commercials of the previous 50 years in 2012. The Martin Agency first came up with different iterations of the tagline in an effort to draw in tourists. The phrases “Virginia Is For Beach Lovers” and “Virginia Is For Mountain Lovers” were among them, but none of them would become as popular as the current one.

The Martin Agency asserts that it had nothing to do with the well-known Loving v. Virginia decision, which made interracial marriage lawful in the country, despite what the general public believes.

11. The Loving v. Virginia Case Has Its Own Movie

The 1967 trial of Richard and Mildred Loving against the state of Virginia served as the inspiration for the film Loving. The Racial Integrity Act of 1924 in Virginia forbade interracial marriage, and the Lovings’ marriage broke this law. The Lovings won their case before the Supreme Court in June 1967, ending all racial-based legal prohibitions on marriage in the US as well as Virginia’s laws pertaining to miscegenation. Following its 2016 premiere, the movie has garnered several accolades.

12. Virginia Is One Of The Four Commonwealths In America

One commonwealth state is Virginia. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky are the other commonwealth states. In terms of politics and the majority of laws, a commonwealth and a state are identical; yet, why are they called commonwealths? It was stated in each of their constitutions. The term “those territories” was often used by political writers in the late 1700s. Being the oldest commonwealth, Virginia was unmatched as a location to live even back then.

13. The First Woman And Black Owned Bank Was In Richmond, Virginia

In 1903, Maggie L. Walker, a resident of Richmond, opened The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank, becoming the first black woman to do so. Maggie L. Walker led the bank for almost thirty years as president. The bank was located in Richmond’s downtown’s historic Jackson Ward neighborhood. Maggie Walker oversaw periods of financial instability, but she also more than trebled its assets! During the worst of the Great Depression, Maggie did one of the best things for the bank: she strengthened its long-term prospects by merging it with two other banks.

Even though it is now located across the street from where it was originally located, her bank is still in operation. Today, the bank is only a few blocks away from Maggie L. Walker’s home. Since a large portion of her house hasn’t changed in years, it’s a popular tourist destination nationwide. Every school year, a large number of Richmond City and Greater Richmond Area schools bus students there.

14. Virginia Is Home To The World’s Largest Naval Base

The largest naval base in the world is located in Norfolk, Virginia. There are more than seventy-eight fleets at Naval Station Norfolk. Eleven miles of dock and wharf area are included, in addition to four miles of waterfront. The “Hampton Roads” region, which includes the cities of Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach, is home to Naval Station Norfolk.

15. The Largest Caverns In Eastern United States Are In Virginia

The Luray Caverns are the biggest caverns in the Eastern United States. To witness the natural occurrence, people trek to the remote area of Luray, Virginia, by car. Because to its stalactites, flowstones, stalagmites, and columns, it attracts a sizable number of tourists each year. One can complete the 1.5-mile trek to Luray Caverns in 45 minutes to an hour.

A trail that descends to Dream Lake and the Saracen’s Tent greets guests as they arrive. The Great Stalacpipe Organ will also be visible to visitors. Leland W. Spinkle created the Great Stalacpipe Organ in 1954. Thirteen English forks helped Mr. Spinkle complete the project in three years. Stalactites were chosen and modified to be a component of the biggest instrument in the world. The grotto was outfitted with electronic mallets that were linked to a four-manual console. These days, an automated mechanism like to a kid’s music box is used to play the organ. You can also play it by hand, just like Mr. Spinkle used to.

Voice of America, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, Good Morning America, and National Public Radio (NPR) all took notice of it because of the Great Stalacpipe Organ.

16. It’s Home To One Of The Busiest International Airports In The United States

Dulles, Virginia is home to the Washington Dulles Airport. Twenty-six miles separate it from Washington, D.C. Passengers can travel to more than 61 different foreign locations and even more domestic locations via Washington Dulles foreign Airport. Because of all the foreign traffic it receives on a regular basis, it can get rather busy. With a land area of more than 13,000 acres, it ranks as the fourth largest airport in the US.

17. The Appalachian Mountains Cuts Through The Western Part Of Virginia

Because of the blue tint that the mountains emit at sunrise and sunset, the Appalachian Mountains are also known as the Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains stretch over various regions of the East Coast and sever a portion of Virginia’s western region. At 5,729 feet and 5,520 feet, respectively, Mount Rogers and Whitetop Mountain are two of the highest summits in the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia.

A lot of people go to the mountain range to hike, camp, fish, hunt, and film college documentaries. They also go there to take excellent pictures. The five hundred forty-four mile Appalachian Trail begins in Virginia and ends there. It boasts the well-liked Shendedoah Park Valley, a wonderful place to visit. The Appalachian Mountain Valley includes the Luray Caverns as well. Virginia is unlike any other place, which attracts a lot of tourists. It’s been described as stunning, amazing, and a lovely sight to witness.

In brief

Virginia is unique among states. It is the ideal location for history aficionados because to its historical significance for America. When individuals are sick of living in cities, there are lots of natural retreats available to them thanks to the many beaches and mountains. There is no shortage of traditional history, artwork, sporting monuments, urban history, and vibrant music scenes throughout central Virginia. It is genuinely unlike anywhere else.