Important SSB Interview Questions Could Be Asked

Important SSB Interview Questions Could Be Asked

SSB interview is a good opportunity for the candidate to create a good impression and shows the ability and dedication to join the force. It is also very important not to try to bluff if you do not know how to bluff, always be natural and relaxed, as it will be very simple and focus on your personal life, so try to know better and know the people around you. Always prepare for the personal interview before attending the SSB interview because you know that the type of question that usually the IO. Here are some questions that may arise during the SSB interview. If in doubt please indicate in the comments box.

Always prepare for PI before attending the SSB interview because you know that the type of question that usually the IO. Here are some questions that may arise during the SSB interview. If in doubt please indicate in the comments box.
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Personal interviews concerned SSB:

What is your name, that is, your name, ie the names of other family members, are compared with the name of where they come from, what you do now?
Family: How many members because when you live in the same location, description, and some sort of relationship with each member, closer to who, why the closer you admire. Compare yourself with one of your brother / s or sister / s. If only one would you prefer to have a / younger brother / big sister? Occupation of members working in the family, if you are working what is your job profile, salary, etc.

Education: Institution where he received his education, because when all the achievements while holding positions of responsibility during their studies at the institution, institution represented at what levels, subjects you like best and those who do not love at all why teachers who like more and those who do not like at all, why (here include the teacher and provided that all those years of education, not only school) the name and specialty of the institution where he studied and a brief description about for location, the crowd, and other cultural heritages that door. What he is doing now, what are the other options (if military), the army why, what ARMY, since being loved?
Friends: What kind of friends you like, what I do not like where you go and where you want to go with your friends, why are these people your friends describe her best friend, compared- with you (appearance, height, texture, thought, something common in both), their hobbies and interests, how to live life and what they want to achieve in life.

Why you want to join the defense forces, otherwise the defense of other options, how you come to the conclusion that wants to join forces. Have you tried NDA, why did not succeed? Why they have not given appropriate efforts?
His hobbies and interests, how you spend your time, what job do you find most interesting in the psyche and the GTO series, what books have you read, why not get good enough at 12 has come until 10th, knowledge NCC, explorers, RSP, MCC, etc., knowledge.

His college life, memories, what is the difference between your friends in Pune and the center SSB.If given the opportunity What would change in Pune (geographic, economic, agricultural, tourism, traffic, etc.) Compare your place birth and hometown friends with friends in Pune and Pune as a place itself. Have you ever come before the SSB center above. What places have you visited instead of SSB
Give 5 new national policies and international regulations.
Give 5 national and international sports news today.
Some international issues, international organizations, it is working procedures and a good knowledge of their subject specialist.
How is organized / cycling race / local competition / festival walk / swim football game / hiking.
Why you were weak in some specified sphere, how you lived with him.
Did you take coaching, why, what type?
Tips on how to respond to the SSB interview

Give examples of all the impacts that will explain.
Speaking relevance to their self-description of the test and the PAA and not give false.
Talking is an art, which speaks to proper punctuation, gestures, and emotions that need in his speech.
Speak clearly and maintain eye contact.
Hesitation at the time the answer will make a bad impression, do not tell lies and give a full explanation of your family, friends, education, life today, the future scope, and an example for everyone.

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